Thursday, December 16, 2004

Question of the Day

Marni, my three-year old, decided to take the sleeve-cover (or whatever you call it, the paper thingy that tells you what the DVD is) out of the DVD case. Don't ask me why she did it, she couldn't explain it to me.

How do I get the damn thing back in? I tried for twenty minutes, I even cut the plastic on the case... it's not working. Anyone ever had this happen and know how to get the sleeve-cover back on the DVD case short of cutting the plastic all the way and having to tape it back up?

UPDATE: Hank answers in the comments... dude, you're AWESOME! Now I have to come up with another question... :((


Hank said...

If I understand what you're asking do this:
1) Open the case up all the way.
2) Now open it even farther; like you're trying to make the front bend around and touch the back. Before that acutally happens, the clear part should sag away from the case and you can slide the sheet in.

If that's not what you're trying to do, I hope someone else can figure it out.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Hey, are you the same Hank that gives me all my traffic on my political blog?

Anonymous said...

There are a few things I asctaully know...I think you have my number, this one I could'a fixed for ya. ~X

Hank said...

I'm probably that Hank, yes. Somebody (Skippy I think) mentioned your blog and now I link to it, read it, etc.

Oh and thanks for endorsement in the update. My six-year old starting taking apart DVD cases when he was three, so I've had plenty of practice. Now his little brother is taking up where he left off.