Thursday, December 30, 2004

Blurry-Eyed the Day Before the Last Day of the Year

Listening to: Beach Boys, Pet Sounds

Appropriate that Nick ran the prehistoric Sponge Bob episode today because I am, at best, Homo Hardly Erectus (no snickering, fools), a slack-jawed, heavy-browed, knuckle-dragging furry man, grunting at my hyper-active children and threatening them with rocks and sticks. Instead of catching precious zees during the wee hours, I was up in front of the computer, indulging my basest fantasies.

World conquest.

I have been playing Civilization 3 off and on since its release in 2001 and if I'm up at 4 A.M. it's either because a kid is puking or I'm going to take one more city... well, that and finish the latest Great Wonder... or, OK, three more cities and then the Greeks will be eliminated... grrrrrr. Damn cheating game. I wiped the Greeks off of my continent even though they had Musketmen. After I took their territory, there wasn't a speck of saltpeter to be found - so, I'm STILL without musketmen; yeah, but where were they getting their gunpowder, huh? Damn cheating game.

After Zeke woke up Grumpy Dad for "Cereal, Daddy, cereal" and to get him out of the 1/2-ton diaper, after everyone was washed up and fed and dressed and the room was adequately picked up for the Dora reward, I turned on the computer - restraining my basest urges to return to Civ3 because kids are up, after all - and checked my "new look" blog. Spiffy, huh? I just wish it loaded better.

Anyway, the beautiful Wendryn informed me in email that the comments weren't working. She had to let me know in email (and I blow a kiss her way for letting me know) because as I said... Grrrrrrr... After a couple of hours of tweaking code that I am absolutely clueless about, I think I got it working. Blogger help is half-assed help (they misled me on the placement of my 'ItemPage' tag) but some trial-and-error shhh-tuff finally got things working. I think. We'll see. If anyone has advice on the page loading, I'd appreciate it.

Looks like Civ3 is not my only obsession, now.


Anonymous said...

Hey! They work!



Laura said...

A computer wouldn't be a computer if it didn't have any problems to arise, every now & then. Nice look Nino! Love the pic.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I just wanted to say congrats on being a finalist in the BoB awards!


Anonymous said...

Look who's a finalist!

Philip said...

Hey, you haven't mentioned that your a finalist for best daddy blog! Get cracking (and congratulations). I love Civ2 myself. Still play it a few times a year.

Trish said...

I am still reading back enteries, in the moments when I miss you so much that I could die the words are great comfort. And here I find that all this time you are a Civ freek too. I was hooked for a very long time. Although these days it is AGE OF MYTHOLOGY. Only because I enjoy earning favor from the Gods and sicking my Kraken on unsuspecting Egyptians. Addictions. Yikes.