Friday, December 17, 2004

Evil Nino Spoils Your Breakfast

I'll set myself apart here by stating that the difference between being a single-dad blog and a mommy blog or a daddy blog is that the mommies and daddies eventually get another "adult" to talk to at the end of the day. Not so, me. If there's any doubt as to why the content on this blog is so infantile, you got the hint.

Anyhoo, I was surfing over to Candygenius and checking out her "gross recipes" and I thought, y'know, that's the difference between a chick and a dude. Because I don't need recipes for stuff to make you gag. I nuke it on a regular basis.

Steve over at The Sneeze, on the other hand, has it down. He knows what guys do to fill that pit in our stomach (especially after 7 or 20 beers) and his "Steve, Don't Eat It!" series is hillarious, if not for delicate constitutions (but if that's your problem, why are you here?).

Bon Apetite.

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