Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Two For Two; Tea For Me, Two For You

RE: my last post.

I'm trying this whole "post twice thing" as an empirical study. Maybe I'll give it 30 days and see where it goes. My two biggest traffic drivers, Candygenius and Pippa definitely boosted my numbers (and welcome, all you visitors from both sites) but I want to find out if being the only full-time single-dad blog gains me any recognition. Call it hubris, call it egomania, call it the last resort of a scoundrel (and then you'd call it 'patriotism' per Samuel Johnson and you would be looking at my other blog) but I want HITS, dammit!

Don't you hate meta-posts - blogging about blogging? What a waste of bandwidth...

Anyhoo, speaking of hits, while I type Marni pokes my elbow, "I'm thirsty, Daddy,"
"I'm thirsty, Daddy,"
"I'm thirsty, Daddy,"
"I'm thirsty, Daddy,"
"I'm thirsty, Daddy,"

and I wonder why putting on "Hunchback of Notre Dame" (Disney cartoon, not the one with Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara) wasn't enough to ward off interruption. One of these day I'm going to build a huge cage with a giant Capris Sun container, like a big hamster bottle, and a 6-disk DVD carousel hooked up to their TV. Do that, hook up my Yukon Jack I.V., and then video-tape the whole thing for Child Protective Services to use as a training film.

So there, Ms. or Mr. Smartypants BlogPro, I've managed to two ya' and we'll see if... unless, OMG, blogging about blogging doesn't count... my head hurts...

Hook up the Yukon Jack I.V., STAT!

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cindy said...

I know, I know! Rig up a Capri Sun hat:

In fact, if I rigged this up with red wine, I may never see the hub again!