Friday, December 24, 2004

On This Christmas Eve...

Listening to: Assorted cuts I'm putting together for X based on a tripped-out mixed-tape I made years ago.

Hopefully, you're not reading this on Christmas Eve; I can barely believe I'm writing this on Christmas Eve but I write because the muse calls and not out of some sense of obligation to the internet. If you are here on Christmas Eve - Merry Christmas or Happy Whatever to those non-Christmas types. I hope your evening is mellow and warm. I hope like hell you're not stuck in traffic somewhere or stranded on the highway or in an airport. If that's the case, this piddling little update is all you're going to get (until I write again, no doubt later tonight, and hopefully posting some pics of Christmas Eve in Manitou Springs) but if some stranded soul somewhere gets a smile from an actual updated blog on Christmas Eve, cool; I've reached someone.

If you're a soldier in Iraq reading this, please know that those of us back in "The World" are grateful for your sacrifice. Please - PLEASE - stay safe. We want you home in one piece. Just because not all of us support the war over there doesn't mean we don't support YOU and I think you know our hearts are with you.

If you're alone and lonely tonight, welcome to my blog. Although I'll be with my kids tomorrow, please know my spirit is with you tonight. I'll be online later, my Yahoo ID is nino_da_mindboggla and if you need to chat, I'll keep Yahoo Messenger open.

Merry Christmas to all!

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cindy said...

just home from the family visit, i mean you can only watch 'it's a wonderful life so many times'! merry christmas!