Thursday, December 23, 2004

Thursday's Question of the Day & Say Hello To...

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Say hello to Pale Ale who left comments on my Friday's Question of the Day post. Nino has to love a blog named after his favorite kind of beer and it helps that she writes an excellent blog. She's linked over at the right on the ever-evolving list of Nino's friends.

Question: why does kiddie cereal adhere to surfaces with the tenacity of barnacles? Is kiddie cereal really just reconstituted barnacles? Would my kids believe that Froot Loops are really just barnacles? How do I get this cereal off of stuff short of a paint scraper?

I'm going to ask the Chemistry professor I used to date and see if she has a scientific answer for me....

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Anonymous said...

Soak it in hot water for a *very* long time and it might come off. If you are lucky, the color will not have leached into whatever dish it was held in. I had a bowl growing up that had faint colored rings all over the inside for that reason - my sister would get colored cereal once in a very great while, and by the second serving she would have gotten sick of it and left the bowl someplace it wouldn't be found for weeks.

In terms of the barnacle question, they probably would believe it if you showed them the transformation. Photoshop rules when you are trying to mess with your kids' heads.