Friday, December 17, 2004

Something Not Adding Up Here

Every year you hear one of these stories, wicked, heartless business (Scrooge) disregards the spirit of the season and puts the screws to some poor schlub and ruins Christmas. Well, that is until someone takes up a collection or someone writes a check and said poor schlub ends up doing twice as well as they would have done had they not been screwed over. For this year's Scrooge story, I came across this story about a family getting its minivan repossessed with all their Christmas presents in it.
A Wrentham, Mass., family said that it has lost all of its Christmas presents that were in the family's minivan, which was reposessed... one week before Christmas, Bonnie Corso added up the bad news.

"I had everything hidden so the kids couldn't get to them," Corso said.

Between her kids' holiday gifts, several computers and many, many valuables, Corso said that she had $10,000 worth of goods in her minivan when the repo man made a midnight visit to her home.
Corso and her husband, Mark, owners of a small Marshfield, Mass., deli and e-business, don't deny they were three months late with their car payments. That was the last time they saw the vehicle and all of their goods.

Corso claims the repo company has refused to give anything back. NewsCenter 5 tried to speak with Eagle Recovery and Transfer, and a company spokesman said that the Corsos should hire an attorney to contact the company.

The Corsos said that they've filed a complaint with the North Attleboro Police Department.

What' not adding up for me is why in the name of St. Nicholas would you hide your presents in your car? I mean, there's what, a report on local news EVERY FRICKIN' NIGHT about Christmas thieves, all saying DO NOT keep presents in your car?!?! Also, these couldn't have been the sharpest tacks in the shit drawer because you don't stash computer equipment out in the cold - especially a Boston winter. Moisture + freezing weather = expanded, snapping computer parts.

I'm no fan of collection agencies or repo men; I put them pretty much on the same level as ticks and fleas. I got behind a payment earlier this year and although I have been paying on time every month since then (plus a little extra to make up for the missed payment), the swine still calls every day to ask about "delinquent payment". However, these people had to figure that being behind three months probably meant a repo was imminent and the only thing that should have been in the van should have been a rotten egg under the accelerator pedal.

So much for holiday cheer, folks, but I'm having a difficult time mustering up any sympathy for the Corsos in Wrentham...


pinkme said...

Why would the car be considered a "good hiding place"? Do they make their kids walk everywhere in the winter (without shoes, uphill both ways)? If they had enough money to purchase $10,000 worth of stuff, why didn't they return some of it and make a car payment? Smells fishy to me.

Anonymous said...

Consider this:
Bonnie Corso (formally Bonnie Furtado of Kingston MA, and then Mrs Bonnie Clarke of Plymouth MA) Met Mark Corso while still married to her first husband. Cheated on husband #1, and during the nasty battle that followed messed up the visitation rights of her first two children, including throwing out gifts given to them by their birth father. She is at that time a welfare mom claiming that she cannot afford insurance for her children...(Masshealth provides free care for just such a situation!) A few months later Bonnie is sporting a couple of large tattoos, the owner of three exotic birds, a brand new Rav 4, and a $250,000 home in Wrentham. Her "boyfriend" has a collection of guns including a handgun and isn't shy about his ownership, (I can just imagine what went on that repo night!) Bonnie didn't even marry husband #2 (Corso) until the birth of her third child. There is more to this story than meets the eye. The choices you make in life come back to haunt you!