Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Note to Holiday Drivers

Not the Holiday Drivers heading over the river and through the woods (although that's where I like to see a few of them go) but the ones packing the road right now, jockying for their place to be the Number One Driver to Piss Me Off. In the spirit of the season, I give those drivers a little what for, freely, and with holiday wishes that they'll accumulate enough points on their license that next year, they'll be walking.

You, with the wreath on your grill - what is that, a bull's eye? You're not fooling anyone; he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, so WAKE UP, it's a thoughfare, not a damn parking lot.

Lady, we all know why you're driving that H2 - because you're married to Thimble Dick. It's not our fault you got stuck with a guy who can't reach the back of the cabinet, so stop taking it out on us. Eyes front. Rip the cell phone off your most extreme makeover before it becomes a Borg implant. If you don't like the traffic, take it off road, your H2 can handle it, right?

Hey buddy, the huge checkered flag decal on the rear window of your Chevy Cavalier doesn't qualify you for the Daytona 500, it only qualifies you as Loser Stupid Enough to Put That Idiotic Sticker on Your Piece of Crap Car. So slow down, quit switching from lane-to-lane like you're going to get ahead. It's been ten miles and I still see your decal, moron. If you're trying to be Dale Earnhardt, the only part you're likely to achieve is being dead; good luck!

Ms. Nissan Pathfinder, thanks for not being able to not find a path into the passing lane when I wanted to merge from the on-ramp, even though we were the only two vehicles on the road for miles. Then turning your head away when you passed, pretending like your were looking at - what, clouds, because that was the only thing over there, twit - well, you sure had me fooled. Because I was thinking you were an inconsiderate zipper nit. Likewise, turning your head the opposite way when I passed and glared told me you were respecting the unspoken rule of road safety: always check the weather on both sides of the road before letting the air out of your head.

Pops, what would the rest of us crazy, dissolute drivers do if you weren't sitting in the passing lane enforcing the speed limit? Why it would be anarchy, what with hundreds of drivers actually going somewhere without having at least one person on which to wish a quick trip to hell. Those of us driving twenty miles an hour below the limit because you're up ahead enforcing the limit will be happy to contact the police regarding your selfless service and say, yeah, I did it, someone needed to shoot the self-righteous old fart.

There's three lanes, little Ditzy Saturn, a right lane, a left lane, and a turn lane, - PICK ONE. Then, call your therapist. Obviously, your issues have gotten in the way of common sense.

That little lever on the steering column? Try it, it's fun; push it up and a little light on your dash blinks on the left side; push it down and a little light blinks on the right side! Try it, get some exercise, work off that pecan pie. Or better yet, walk it off, genius. Turn signals: not just for smart people.

Snow. It happens, especially this time of year; you know, "White Christmas" and all that. It's not a big deal, in fact, it's been happening for millions of years. So Florida Plates, don't freak, five miles an hour only keeps you out in it that much longer. And Mr. Stupid SUV, I'm positive your owner's manual doesn't say "In snow, drive twice as fast as normal!"

Aren't you lucky, finding a parking spot a mere 400 yards from the mall entrance? So while you're sitting there, with your blinker sounding like the Gulls in "Finding Nemo", waiting for the current occupant of the space to load in two tons of packages and strap six little kids into car seats, MOVE IT OVER. Hear the honking, screaming, and yelling? That's the rest of us letting you know that our search continues, it's not us celebrating your good fortune.

I know a lot of these drivers are on the road every day but never all in the same proximity; ah, the way the holidays brings us together. With that in mind, next year I'm moving way far into the mountains and making everyone presents out of pine cones.


Anonymous said...

And here I thought California was the place where all the crap drivers landed.

Russ said...

LOL! I think some of those drivers must have relatives here in Maryland, 'cause I see the same crap here (though we haven't had any snow yet this year).