Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tons of the White Stuff

Listening to: Pink Floyd, Animals

The weather report called for "a dusting" - heh. We had about a 1/2 inch at 10:15 (about the time the local news does its weather) and that was supposed to be that. By about 10:20, it started to dump. Waking up this morning to almost a foot of it was a groove.

I called X to see if the kids were hyped and she said, yeah, sort of, they're watching School of Rock for the gazziollenth time (Marni especially loves that movie, my little Rock n' Roller). Hopefully they're getting out in it to make a snowman, make snow angels, and generally enjoy this pre-Christmas gift. X reports only about 6-inches down where she is, so not the accumulation we got in Manitou Springs but that's still enough for fun.

I here it's on the way for all you folks in the mid-west... enjoy!

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Laura said...

Thanks for the "dusting" of snow! That is all we got, here in Iowa. At least it will be a white Christmas after all!

Have fun playing in the snow with the kids, when you get them back.