Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm So Pretty and Witty and GAY!!!

X got the kids for the weekend and you'd think a rutting buck like me would be out and about looking to mate. Wrong.

I'm celibate.

Just kidding....

No, I thought it was more important to stay at home, clean house, watch E.R.; uh, that sounds gay, doesn't it?

I dunno, the bar scene does nothing for me and the thought of picking someone up in a bar is kind of repulsive. In my 20's it was a different situation but now it's... unseemly. It's not that I never go out but that's usually to see a band or old friends or sit with my composition book, have a beer, and, um, write. I'm not kidding. Write and deal with the inevitable drunk's question, "Whatcha' doin'?" It is for those moments of brilliance that I find bars the best place to go and write.

But not tonight.


sihondagal said...

Celibate?? Ok that's not a good thing. Even I went out with the girls tonight! Maybe we should work on that...:) I am going to bed now with a gay man and a!! What a life I live. :)

DOC said...

I would be content to stay home and watch ER (reruns) and Law and Order reruns. What ever happened to Northern Exposure? I loved that show!