Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday's Question of the Day

Why is it that when I'm not doing anything (i.e. watching the tube, playing a computer game) or doing housework, my kids will be generally apathetic towards me but when I'm on the phone or trying to blog, I'm Mr. Popularity?


cindy said...

you know who else does this to me? my cat. comes up here and sticks her hind right in my face. gross.

pale ale said...

My mother says that when my sister and I were little, we never spoke to her....unless she was on the phone long to one of my aunts. Then we couldnt get enough of mom. So it happens to moms too. Just like everything else in life, i guess we dont really want what we have until its gone. Apparently kids dont want your attention until you are giving it to something else.