Sunday, April 17, 2005

Brief Vacation

Listening to: Squeeze, Singles

Spring is here - FINALLY - and time to get up in the mountains and watch winter shed its skin as the snow melt makes its way to the sea.

I'm going to post some of my favorite essays from the bygone days on my first blog at Boondoggle's website. Don't bother going there, most of the stuff is shit and I haven't even bothered to post there since March. Don't waste your time. If I wrote anything decent there, I'm posting the best of it here.

Don't flip out on the time-stamps, I'm just trying to be cute. If I'm not cute enough for your tastes, go see the Zero Boss and click his ads - better yet, click on all the sites listed over there on the left.

Two weeks is plenty of time to mix a disk, plenty of time to join in the mixmania! fun...
For all of you parents who relish reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to your kids because you remember how much you loved that book when you were young, will be happy to know that Maurice Sendak's genius is being recognized at the Jewish Museum in New York City. Check out the link (and the slide show) and the exhibit if you're lucky enough to be in NYC for the show.


panthergirl said...

oooh creepy! I *just* recommended the Squeeze Singles CD to my friend Micah ("Micah's World"). And then I come here. [hairs up on back of neck]

Philip said...

Gawd, all those songs come roaring back. "Tempted . . ." gosh. I'm back in high school.

Glitzy said...

I love that album. It's one of those I can play over and over again and never tire of.