Friday, April 29, 2005

Say Hello To...

Listening to: Super Furry Animals, Rings Around the World

Broken Bread, linked now over under the 'Dads' category although I was tempted to place him under the 'Wonderfully Defying Category' tag because he writes well and thinks well and not always about dad stuff. Even if I don't always agree with him (See Mamcita? I do love you despite being "mean" as well).

Which happens. Hell, I bet I'd get into a shouting match with The Zero Boss - in between downing shots.

Anyway, I have to give credit to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (who finally - yes, yes - YES, FINALLY - was tipped on the otherwise lame CNN "Inside Blogs" segment) for the "Say Hello" thing. Skippy's generosity to Blogotopia (*YTCTPAOMFGDHMTDWHTFMI?!?!) is well-documented and we bow to the Blue Kangaroo now because, well, I'm a complete link-whore (**NIDCTPSFOABMMATPBISSITOLW) and Skippy generously mentioned me once, even if the link sent all of 6 visitors here and I'm sure they thought this was a site about drugs.

So... go say hello to Broken Bread (and Hell yeah, Skippy too), he's a ton more spiritual than James Dobson and those nazi shitbags and will probably renew your faith, not just in Christianity (which I still maintain is not a bad path, if that's your thing) but in Blogvana (***YICTPETIDBTGITCIIIDCTP)

*Yes They Coined That Phrase And Oh My Fucking God How Many Times Do We Have To Fucking Mention It?
**No I Didn't Coin That Phrase So Fuck Off And Bother Michele Malkin About That Phrase Because I Say She's The Original Link Whore
***Yes I Coined That Phrase Even If I Didn't Bother To Google It To Check If I Indeed Did Coin That Phrase


Karen said...

I like the first * LOL! Now if I can only remember that acronym! ;-)

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Mamacita said...

The acronyms confused me. But at my age, I just use my age as an excuse for everything. Global warming? Violence in the Sudan? Chelsea Clinton with a nose job? The price of milk? Well, at my age what would you expect?

See? At my age I don't even have to make sense.

And thanks for the public declaration of love. Now that everybody knows, what now?

At my age I don't give a rat's ass about political correctness, or even discretion.

It's great. Get old and try it.

I just remembered my original intent in this comment. What do you need me to do to help with the MixMania?

At my age, I forget things a lot.

skippy said...

great acronyms! and you coined them all!