Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Ennui Makes Me Do Weird Things

Listening to: AC/DC, Highway To Hell

Alright, not too weird. I haven't been prancing around the house doing my standard weekend cleaning in a French Maid's uniform and fishnet stockings. I haven't covered myself in Pert conditioner and rolled around on the floor. I haven't chugged any shoe polish or cough syrup.

However, there's still plenty of time left in this boring-ass Saturday. Maybe later I'll try "Nude Blogging" - don't make me take my clothes off!

Despite my promise not to do the 100 Things About Me meme, I've finally posted my list. If you haven't taken the time to detest me yet, read the list and I guarantee you'll start scraping up the $25 that buys a mafia hit on me.

I also have made some clarifications on mixmania! (see below) and I'll remind everyone that there's still three weeks to go, so plenty of time to join in the fun.

Not-so-weird (and actually, the smartest, sanest thing I've done all day), I direct you to the left (so to speak) to say hello to a couple of new friends. The brilliant and comely Lauren has two blogs, Feministe and Miss Education, both listed under 'Info Fix'. Although she doesn't link me (*ding! ding! ding!* shameless hint!), she is definitely worth a daily read, her blogs are extremely well-written and intelligent. I've also added the very funny 'Z' from So-Then-What because, if Zen-like hillarity is your cup of tea, you'll be glad I turned your attention there. Naturally, 'Z' goes into the 'Wild Womyn' category. Z hails from Mexico City (but posts in English) and it's great reading a blog from another country.

Z came to my attention when she wrote and asked if she could participate in Mixmania! even though she's in Mexico. I emailed her back and pointed out that MonkeyB is from the UK and is taking part in the fun. So Mixmania! is taking on an international and multi-cultural flavor. Rock on!

For anyone wondering if they can still get on board with Mixmania! - hell yeah! You have until April 30 to get in on the fun and all mixes are due May 1. On May 1, I'll email everyone the snail-mail address of the person they'll be mailing their mix to and hopefully, we can all remain anonymous. So all you have to do to join in the festivities is: let me know & email me your snail mail address.

Like I said, don't make me get nekkid'.


seeingdouble said...

Dude... french maid outfits? Make sure you pull the curtains! And where can I find a mafia hit for $25 bucks? (Not on you, silly! But I do have someone in mind!) I hope you aren't online reading blogs nekkid right now!

chip said...

hey weird things make for great blog posts, but I too think the french maid outfit is over the edge... Or were you joking??? :-)

Lost Girl said...

I now have this image of you dressed up as Frank N'Furter and doing the time warp....

I bet your legs look beautiful in stockings.


Miss Education said...

No linkage! I'm getting rid of the blogroll, but you are safely in my bloglines account.

Email me again for mixmania info. I lost your initial comment. web at feministe dot us.


melina said...

french maid costume w/ fishnet stockings? now, THAT was some visual that got me laughing! How 'bout posting THAT for your pic! hehe!

PS. lots of times i try to post, but stinky blogger comments takes forever to load and i give up...

Mamacita said...

My mind's eye thanks you most sincerely and enthusiastically for the visuals.

panthergirl said...

A mob hit for $25? That won't even pay for the celebratory cannolis.

99 of your 100 things were great (sorry, it's that fucking camping thing...)