Thursday, April 21, 2005

Updates, Schmupdates

Listening to: The Fugs, First Album

Gawdamighty I need to be careful what I ask for.

For all of you who graciously added input on the therapy issue - thank you so much. I'll keep you updated on how it's going (within the limits of professionalism and propriety) but as I maintained in that post, my counseling skills are more a function of my intuition than my education. Indeed, the more research into different psychotherapeutic models for family/adolescent issues that I conducted, the more I realized that practicing a little tough love and a lot of compassion goes a long way.

As you may have read back in January when I was in dire need of a job, I believe the universe twists itself in strange ways and never really the way we thought it would unfold. Suddenly I'm finding myself up to my armpits in clients (from referrals and other therapists flaking out) and that's taken up a chunk of my time. Not that I'm complaining - I love what I do.

Mixmania! has demanded a big chunk of my time but it's been learning on the fly. In fact, it's been a lot of fun so far. I think I'm going to repeat it again in June or July and I should be able to get it better organized next time.

Thus, no cutes-y dirty-diaper posts, no children's wit and wisdom, no ranting at the universe. Life is full of surprises and my daddy blogger creds are getting the short end of it.


JenL said...

Is it too late to play in this month's Mixmania? I thought I was maxed-out, timewise, but BEHOLD! The mix has been mixed and the burn has been burned! (Because I'm super-efficient robot-type Mommy-person)

panthergirl said...

Anxiously awaiting the starter-pistol for mixmania!

GraceD said...

Jim, not to worry about losing credibility as a Daddy blogger. Patriside spans the gamut, going beyond fruit based snacks and Legos. And yes, there is life beyond the sippy cup.