Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Holy Crap, Blogger Sucks

Listening to: Chemical Brothers, Push the Button

Blogger sucks and so does this sub-April weather. Is it rain? Is it snow? Bah.

Lillian could not wait to use her raincoat and umbrella today. Could. Not. Wait. It's all I heard from her when she saw the rain/snow falling this morning as a curtain of grey moved over us like the hoards of Mordor.

I said, "Looks like it's,"

"Time to wear my raincoat! And use my umbrella!"

To which Marni and Zeke agreed that yes, it was good weather to go outside with raincoats and umbrellas. Stomp in puddles. Make mud pies.

When I picked Lillian up from school, she appeared to be the only kid with a stylin' raincoat and umbrella. Had I been her, at her age, I would have been mortified if I'd been the only kid with saddled with those accoutrements. Not her. The fashion maven, she figures she is setting a trend. Quite possibly, she has.

All the other parents are going to hate me.

I tried to post last night and blogger was DOA. My post was hung up on the 'publish' screen for 20 minutes and never made it past "0% published". Surfing around, I saw that others were having the same problem. I'm wondering when Google is finally going to do something with this sad ass program.

I may consider another means of doing this if blogger continues its piss-poor performance.


Chip said...

Trendsetter is good! It shows strength of character and a sense of aesthetic coolness! CB was the same way.

Blogger's bumming me out too. I've been trying to post all evening and am getting nothing but "loading" and "internal server error". I have saved a copy on my hard drive just in case. Thanks for warning me about the lost posts...

Mamacita said...

Let me know if you find something good. Blogger is fried. Bear in mind though that I am the stupidest person alive, when it comes to the world of tech. Other worlds too but especially tech.