Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Single Parents Day!

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Welcome Gazette Telegraph readers! Feel free to poke around, comment, and be sure to check out the links of my friends - most of them do a much better job of this than I do!

A special thanks to Jane Reuter for the excellent article in today's paper. I think you can view the article by clicking HERE

Anyway, new readers, if I was going to introduce you to me and my charges, I'd point you to these "greatest hits" For what it's worth):
About the magic of daddy's kisses...
My love of opera!
Why I'm no longer in a rock band...
My inability to get quiet time on "the throne" :-(
Kids at breakfast
How my son was mauled by a dog and what that led to.
Remembering the ex at Christmas
What I learned about love when my oldest was born...
If you've made it through those, I assume you'll seek out the rest. I hope you enjoy your stay here and you'll keep coming back.

The community of parent bloggers here is AWESOME. Again, please check out the sites I've linked over on the right.

Anyway, a happy Single Parents Day to all us single parents; easy on the champagne, folks!

More tonight!

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