Monday, March 07, 2005

Doing My Part to Piss Off the Religious Right

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No sooner had I posted the last piece when the following arrived in my email:
This is to communicate the final details of the counter-protest on Friday March 11 against the hate group Westboro Baptist Church. (Their website pretty much explains why their awful

The hate group has its picket set for 7:15 am, so we are planning to get there at around 6:30am. This way we can fill up all of the good sidewalk spots before they even arrive.

Here's the thing: This group makes a good amount of its income by suing people who assualt them. That means that no matter how mad they
make you, you CANNOT get tricked into physically throwing, hitting, shoving etc... because you will only be helping them to keep this kind of crap up.

There is a lot of community involvement popping up and Colorado College has offered free coffee, tea, and doughnuts at the McHugh Commons (on CC about 6 blocks away) from 6 am to 6:30 if anyone is interested.

The protest is at Palmer High School on the corner of Nevada and Platte, downtown. (There is a parking grage on Cascade and Tejon a couple of blocks away if you can't find a spot near the school.) As far as a meeting place, we have not designated one because it isn't that big of an area. If you want to be specifically with SSJ (and who wouldn't?) look for a big banner. Bring your own signs and banners if you like!

Email any questions you have to and we look forward to a big turnout.

Hasta la victoria siempre,

Students for Social Justice

Too damn early but I'll be there, anyway, a handful of valium to keep me from being the defendant in a lawsuit. If I'm going to rant about hateful shitheads like I did in my last post, I'd better be prepared to walk my talk.

What was that line in Blazing Saddles, Gene Wilder to Clevon Little? "Simple people, the salt of the Earth. You know -- morons...." Christ, what an understatement.

I know there's no redeeming these fuckwits. Go to their web site and you'll see they can hardly compose a coherent sentence so it's obvious that simple reasoning is beyond them. No, it will be enough to stand in their way and remind them what a repulsive little bunch they are.

God is Love, right? It's sickening to me that so many - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc., get it so wrong. They've confused "God" with "tribal identity" and their stone age view of the world.

My tribe says it's time to put stuff these inane superstitions back into the whitewashed clapboard shitholes from whence they arose and nail the damn thing shut.

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Chip said...

yes, that particular group (ghf) is a very demented hate group, apparently also borderline (or actually) psychotic. Be careful, if evil exists, these people are it. Maybe wear a necklace of garlic around your neck or something...