Monday, March 14, 2005

Another Groovy Dude Joins The Coalition of the Willing To Be Associated With My Lame Ass

Listening to: John Prine, Great Days: The John Prine Anthology

The uber-awesome Philip at The Blue Sloth has finally succumbed to Patrisidal insanity and linked me and, as 3 or 4 of us who are regulars here know, I make a big damn deal about getting linked. It's an honor that folks who actually have decent blogs link lil' ol' me.

The shameless offer of a CD mix seems to have created a bump in traffic. That, and my entry into B4B has garnered some very sweet comments. Banner day here on my blog.

Now, I'm off to work, a therapy session with a 17-soon-to-be-18-year old kid whose parents expect me to counsel for the sake of making him not act like an 18-year old kid. My sessions with him amount to essentially, "Find something you really like, stick with it, endow some passion into it, and when you're 30, you'll appreciate this advice."

Then it's teaching state-mandated "Driving Sensibly" education for DUI offenders. That means reading to them from the state-mandated "Don't Drink and Drive" book followed by 90 minutes of my finger-wagging and tsk-tsking about drinking and driving. Sometimes showing a "Highway of Death" video, surfing the net while they watch an hour of carnage.

When I get back here, tonight, after I get the wee ones bathed and abed, I'll start working on that CD.

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