Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tech Stuff For Ten Grand, Alex, and Other Odds & Ends

Listening to: The Kinks, The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society

Taking a cue from an observation over at Atrios, I just had to put this Kinks masterpiece in the CD player and get happy with it, all over again.

So Cinnabar1 sent me a screen-shot of hit 10,001, close enough to get her a CD. However, her screen shot was forwarded in MS Word. All you geeks out there, here's my question: how can I convert that file into a JPEG short of taking my own screenshot of the Word file and then playing with it in Photoshop? Do I have to offer another mixed CD to get a good answer?

At this rate, it will be 30 months before the 100,000 mark; however, I hope I'll be driving more traffic this way (and to some other daddy bloggers) by way of Liberal Oasis. I emailed Bill Scher over there, I'd noticed he had liberal Mom blogs linked but no dad blogs. He was very cool about my concerns and said he'd be happy to list and link liberal dads. I recommended myself, daddychip2, Hank's Place, Dad Talk, Rebel Dad, and Blog d'Elisson as dad blogs that lean left on a semi-regular basis. I even recommended Laid-Off Dad and Metrodad, even though those unbearable snobs refuse to link me. If you're a dad blogger leaning left (and you occasionally post liberal view points) and I neglected your blog, let me know so I can shout out for you at Liberal Oasis.

Grace, you need to rattle Bill's cage. Your blog is far too good (and overtly liberal) to not make the Liberal Oasis list of mom blogs. Heather and Jen, too, too good to neglect (but not as punchy liberal).

To my right-y friends, I did mention to Bill that we have a cool little community and although many of us on the right and left post our opinions on political matters, we do it civilly, without rancor or bile. My intention is not to create any divisions, I'm just trying to drive some well-deserved traffic to friends. Likewise, my libertarian friends, no offense intended but then, while InstaPundit will link The Zero Boss, Glenn Reynolds ain't gonna' ever link lil' ol' me :-).

Not that I'd deal well with the trollage.

I just realized that, with all the linkage here, my blogshares are going to rally. Buy now.


Hank said...

Hey, thanks for the recomendation. It would be cool to get to the point where most of the hits on my blog weren't me going there to use the links list to get places.

Did your winner send you the Word file itself? Can't you just select (ie, single-click) the figure, copy it, and paste it into the image manipulation program of your choice?

chip said...

Thanks Jim for the plug! But "left-leaning"?? How about left-period!

Heather said...

Aw, thanks. But if you think I'm not so left, you were obviously not reading in the fall! ;)

Elisson said...

Dammit, I missed 10,000!

If you got your screenshot in a MS Word doc, just open the document in Word, click on the image to highlight it, Copy it, then Paste it into the photo application of your choice. For simple shit like this, I use Microsoft Photo Editor instead of Photoshop (which is like shooting a cockroach with an elephant gun).

Elisson said...

Oh, yes - and thanx fer th' plug!

JenL said...

"He likes me...he really likes me!"

Thanks for the props Jim! I'm starting to feel that my dream of becoming an internet superstar is just another couple thousand hits away...

And I thought I was the sh-tuff for ticking over 1000...what an amateur I be!

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Hank & Steve, thanks, that works.

Liberal Oasis still hasn't put up a "liberal dad" section but they did link my political blog. Wow. Traffic over there has gone nuts as a result and now the pressure is on to keep updating.

However, Hank's Place is still my #1 referrer over there :-)