Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gettin' It Done

Listening to: Sisters of Mercy, Vision Thing

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Our local newspaper just contacted me regarding "Single Parents Day" and interviewed me about being a single father. The reporter said the feature should run in Sunday's paper. I told her about the blog (and she asked for the URL) so we'll see if they run it and if featuring the URL boosts traffic here. A photographer is supposed to be contacting me the next day to get pics of the kids and me.

My 15 minutes of fame for the sake of playing cheerleader for "Single Parents Day".

The reporter asked me I supported the idea of Single Parents Day and I had to admit that I hadn't given it much thought. Sure, it's great that single parents get some recognition but frankly, as a single dad of three small children, I don't have a lot of time to think about what a Single Parents Day might mean. I doubt it means a day of vacation for all us single parents but sure, I'm down with the idea no matter what it means.

A mix goes to Cinnabar1 for sending me a screenshot. Close enough for daddy, Cinnabar1 gets the goods with her screen capture of 10,001

The close up reveals what appears to be the number '10,001' but looks more like alien alphabet.

Hey, indulge me. This is a big damned deal for me. As such, Cinnabar1 earns one of my bad-ass mixes. Busy Mom, too because she was in on this and effort counts for something.

And another thing - Rebel Dad points us to a contest by Men's Health magazine for "All-Star Dad" the winning dad getting a trip for four to the Big Apple. 100 words or less on the essay. Send me there so I can slap around some NYC Daddy Bloggers for not linking me.


Philip said...

Yeah blogger comments are just awful lately. Congratulations on the attention. Hope you are doing well.

Busy Mom said...

Hey! Somehow I missed seeing my winning name!!