Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Dire Need of Some Creative Laxative

Listening to: Stevie Wonder, Innervisions

X has had the kids all week for Spring Break and with that, all my inspiration has been used up. "Creative constipation" I call it and the feeling of being blocked up is unbearable. Sluggish, cranky, a vague feeling of "bleh", oh how I pine for some regularity. Just sit down and DUMP.

All day I've been looking at my blogger template, wondering, hoping, "Am I ready? Can I do this or am I just going to sit, sit, sit, thinking, wishing, grunting, screwing my face up and trying to force something out? I should drink some coffee, that works sometimes, eat a bran muffin... don't think about it and something will happen."

Yeah. Half way to work and five minutes behind schedule, that's when it hits. Drive like a maniac to get to work and go straight to my "office", lock the door and ignore the pounding of my co-workers, "HEY! Are you alive? I need to get in there some time today, alright? Can you hurry this up and let the rest of us get in there?"

No one likes that, especially me. I prefer to blog in relative peace and definitely not at the expense of my co-worker's comfort because, well, you know they're standing out in the hall whispering, "he couldn't blog at home?"

On the way to work or in the shower, too. Oh, I love a nice long hot shower and suddenly, having the urge to blog, massively - well, rinse off and RUN, sitting there, soaking wet and shivering while the words pass, painlessly. I've filled entire posts like that.

Time for a glass of red wine... and a bran muffin. We'll see what passes.

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Lost Girl said...

What's that old adage about working things out with a pencil?