Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Too Much to Think About, Part I

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You may have noticed that Monday's are light posting for me, on all my blogs. Monday's are my job search day, my follow up on previous job searches day, my day of composing dozens of different cover letters so a prospective employer will think they're the only company for me day. Monday's are a hassle. Yesterday was no different except that I realized at some point that in less than a week, I'll have been unemployed a entire year.

I've never mentioned any of this before because, well, I wanted to make this blog about the joys and frustrations of fatherhood (specifically, being a full-time single dad) and not about the frustrations of being ME. However, I felt compelled to share this story after taking umbrage with something written by Metro Dad (to be fair, it was all cleared up after I read the comments) and figured the time was right to reveal the extent of the broken heart on my sleeve.

There's no joy and no pride in being unemployed for a year. Without belaboring the obvious, tax cuts for the rich have led to cut backs in social services, making positions in my field hard to come by. Needless to say, my job search has expanded to include things like human resources, customer service - just about anything I can find - even if I won't be thrilled to do the work. My experience with corporate environments has been less than stellar and I anticipate disaster.

The sick thing is, it didn't have to be this way. I worked long and hard to get into my position (some background on where I came from is here in a previous post) and my career was soaring when it was suddenly shot down.


Hank said...

Dude. That's a rough story.

We had neighbors whose dog clamped down on their son's head. They offed it the same day. Maybe I spent too much time on a farm, but there are lots of dogs out there and biters that draw blood need to die.

I voted for you earlier today. When my 24 hour timeout is over I'll do it again. And yes, you're getting spanked.

Elisson said...

Any one of us who's been unemployed - even for a couple of months - knows that it ain't no picnic. I wish you success in your search.

Dude, thanks for 'rolling me! I am adding you to my Bloglines sub list, just so you know...I figure any guy who can rip off the National Lampoon "shoot the dog" cover (I have the original magazine issue) and quote Frank Zappa on his sidebar has gotta be on my regular reading list!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're last place in the Best OF Blogs...you really deserve more :D