Thursday, January 13, 2005

Real Rhapsody = Real Rip Off

Listening to: Real Rhapsody Shit Hold-Music While I Wait For Some Nitwit To Pick Up the Phone and Cancel This Service

My head is about to EXPLODE.

I just - JUST - got off the phone with some ovine young man at Real Networks after being on hold for THREE HOURS AND TWENTY-ONE MINUTES. WTF?!? Is this the way companies do business?

Before trying out this service, I should have Googled 'Real Rhapsody'. My initial Google search of 'real + rhapsody + cancel' brought me dozens of results complaining about what a piece of crap Real Rhapsody is. Application won't load (and then being on hold forever to get tech support); proprietary files that only play on the Real Networks piece of junk; trying to cancel the service and EVERYONE writes that the process is painful.

Thing is, you can't cancel the service online. When you go to cancel, you're directed to a crappy little form that, once you fill it out, you're directed to a phone number that you have to call during business hours. I don't know where you work but I've never worked at a place where I could afford to be on hold for over three hours.

This blogger was none-too-happy about the POS application Real has you download to play its crappy files nor was he thrilled about the damned hoops he had to jump through to cancel it. And The Register informs us that a lot of folks who thought they'd cancelled Real Rhapsody found out, months later, that they were still getting charged for the service - and then, not getting refunded.

The only good thing about being on hold for so long was it gave me the opportunity to go to epinions, C-Net, ZD Net, and thirty or so IT discussion boards to post my frustrations.

My advice to you, my friends, is that you stay away from Real Rhapsody. Crap, total crap and a Real Rip Off.


The Dynamic Duo said...

Funny -- Rhapsody works just fine for me -- must be your computer -- dumbass

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Learn to read, Neil, the emphasis of the post is about the lousy customer service, NOT the lousy product. It works for you - Great. I noticed on your little blog you have some kind of hard-on for Real Rhapsody; I can't help you there, skippy.

I suppose a grown up would have actually read my post and commented on how they disagreed that Real Networks has total shit customer service. Try being a grown up, Neil... "Dumbass" doesn't help your cause.

JenL said...

Wow, Jim. I didn't know the key to getting trolls was to dismiss some product or service publicly like that!

Congrats! You have arrived as a blogger.

I might have to try the same thing...

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Really Jen, Neil is some kind of Real Rhapsody fanatic. If you go to his blog at and look at the right Nav bar, he's a veritable whore for Real Rhapsody.

Next week I'll post a nasty critique of Avon and see how many pissy Avon ladies will troll me. Maybe Neil's in with them as well.

pinkme said...

Don't even think about the Avon thing!! My favorite lip gloss comes from Avon.
Does this make me a troll? If so, I am the one with the pink hair!

cindy said...

sounds like aol to me.

Anonymous said...

I actually cancelled my service... more than once I think. I called the number, dealt with the nonsens...


They're still billing me. Oh well. I'm listening to it right now.