Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm Not a Nurse, I Just Play One At Home

Listening to: Clan of Xymox, Medusa

Well, hey, I step away from the blog a few days and a few of my Angels call me on the carpet for not writing. I'm flattered, really. And I wasn't moping, eyesweartogod, I knew the BoBs were not mine from almost day one (well, actually Day Three, since I was on vacation when it was announced I was in the finals).

No, I picked the brood up from X on Monday evening and what I got was three very sick children. Not just colds but badass flu, body aches, fevers, coughing-till-they-puke. You'd think that with three kids abed with a bug would give me ample time to write but it was quite the opposite: I barely had time to sit. I'm usually a night owl and up until two or three A.M. but all this week I've been crashing before eleven; that's how roughshod they've run me.

Besides, not much to report on when all your kids can do is whine and cry and cough.

All my life I've heard that men are whimps when it comes to getting sick but it has been the girls who have been laid out flat. Zeke was hit with the same bug but his energy level has barely been diminished, he's been running at a little over 90% capacity. Which means, he's been a source of annoyance to his sisters. While they've been down for the count, he's been running around pounding things with his toy tools, running off with beloved stuffed animals, and eating whatever is left over on the girl's dinner plates.

If I was in a snit over the BoBs, it wasn't consciously. What I have been conscious of has been fevers, coughs, pushing fluids, and answering to every whim. The flu continues its grip on the girls and I don't know if I'll be posting much the next few days.

BTW, congrats to the winner, whoever it was.


pinkme said...

Ooopps, sorry, I was getting frantic. I love hearing stories through a dads eyes. I miss all this stuff sooo much, yeah all of it. Any projectile vomitting?
I am sorry your babies are sick, stay well.
(hanging my head in shame,Damn, my hair is in my beer!)

JenL said...


Sorry to hear about the kiddo's. Be sure to take extra precautions to prevent catching it yourself, they *so* love to share.

Hang in there.

PS. I hadn't heard the name "Clan of Xymox" since... 1988?? Saw them in DC around that time. OMG the FLASHBACKS!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!