Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another Mental Snapshot

Listening to: Various Artists, The Perfect Beats - Volume I

It was probably six years ago, I think Lilly was about 4 months old at the time. X was out at the neighbor's and I was online, hammering some Objectivist in an AOL Philosophy chat room while Lilly slept in a crib behind me. Lilly awoke, crying, providing me a welcome break from my chat argument as I picked her up and rocked her. The memory is vivid because I was so moved by how beautiful she was. I consciously imprinted that moment into my memory.

Tonight, Lilly got up after going to sleep, crying, complaining of an earache (damn, I hope she doesn't have an ear infection). I got her some Tylenol and after a minor skirmish getting her to take it, she told me she wanted me to rock her.

My baby. Six-years old and still wanting to be rocked. Holding her, rocking her in my chair, stroking her hair, it took me back to that night she pulled me from the chat room.

Again, I made another imprint in my memory.


Anonymous said...

hi jim-tripped in to your blog from norman's. i just wanted to say "hey" and that your comment about norm's dog being named "james dobson" made me totally laugh, and i am still giggling when i think of how it made me laugh when i first read it!

i also liked your post about imprinting those "moments" with our kids. i do that a lot too.


Anonymous said...

my 10-yr-old (aka "babydoll") had to go to the doctor...her dad/my ex took the day off of work and took her today. majorly bad ear infection requiring amoxicillin chewables. she hasn't been bacterially sick for over a year or more. poor thing, she's been miserable for a full week and has missed four full days of school. at least she's only in fifth grade.

i hope yours are doing better.