Friday, January 07, 2005

What's Your Hot, Hot, Hot, 'Let's Get Bizzy, Baby' Seduction Soundtrack?!?

Listening to: Mahler, Symphony #3

First of all, I want to thank everybody for their support and kind comments (Grace, Heather, and Laura... I love you ladies!) regarding the "Too Much to Think About" posts. It's especially heartening to see fellow daddy bloggers (my so-called competition; I say so-called cuz' I'm getting my ass kicked) weighing in with support. There's no way for me to be depressed knowing about the kind of love and support out there. This is a wonderful community.

As every daddy blogger in the finals has said, it's an honor to be in such great company. The double benefit has been being introduced to these guys and having nine new sites to visit every day.

Anyway, I have some particular questions and comments to address in this potpourri post, one which (from the most excellent Blue Sloth) which I hope will lead to a potentially very fun game.

Anonymous - if you read my two other blogs, you'll see I'm immune to shock. Most of all, you've definitely piqued my interest so... by all means, comment with your blogger ID or email me link. Curiosity is killing me.

Crystal, it was a Golden Retriever. Yeah, I know, whenever I tell someone that they respond with shock. But as Hank said in one of the comments, some dogs are just biters and need to be destroyed. Believe me, I was an inch away from killing that dog with my bare hands but my nominal commitment to Buddhist principles (specifically, harm no thing) prevented me from acting in anger. In fact, the cops that answered the 911 were impressed that I had NOT killed the dog - and then told me it was good that I kept my cool or else they would have had to charge me with animal cruelty or something. I've never been able to figure out cops, even when I was working with them through the mental health/detox center. I've only met a handful who weren't total pricks.

Finally, yes Philip, the Williams album is SUPERB. I had heard various cuts off of it on the local college radio station but I was seriously introduced to it by a girlfriend (the Chemistry Professor I've mentioned so often) when we were getting to know each other. We played a cool little game - "What CDs would you play if you were trying to seduce me?". She mistook my question, initially, for "Headboard-banging music" (her mistake, of course, indicated to me that we were going to have A LOT OF FUN!) but when we got back to the seduction soundtrack, one of her picks was Lucinda Williams.

Here's our game: what's your seduction music? I know some of you married folk still like to work for it (God, I hope so!), some candles, some wine, kids and grandma's... so what's in the carousel? And I know you single people have a short list of CDs to pop in when you got someone coming over you're determined to get busy with.

If this is as fun as I think it will be, we'll do a "Headboard-banging soundtrack". But let's start with seduction. Give me your lists and maybe we can educate (or tittilate) each other. I'll post mine a little later in the afternoon...


Elisson said...

Hoo Hah. Seduction music, eh?

I'm trying to remember the last time I actually used music to get SWMBO in the mood. Usually she gets excited when she hears the theme music to "Will & Grace."

But I'd say Van Morrison - the older stuff - works fine. Moondance has several great, jazzy, sexy tracks.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

LMAO... I remember those days (X got the same reaction with the theme music to ER).

Excellent choice, Van Morrison. Moondance or Mystic Weeks; Mystic Weeks is my personal fave but for the sake of seduction, yes, Moondance gets the nod.

Hank said...

Bonnie Raitt

GraceD said...

Well, Jim, I've done quite well with the Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett's seminal (pun intended)work. Mind you, I'm older than dirt so this was a time when one had to get up and flip the vinyl over to play the other side. But provided an opportunity to sashay over to the turntable, bend down slowly and attend to the music. Then the seductive stroll back to the couch. Lit candles everywhere, wind chimes knocking around outside, two half drunk glasses of chardonnay wine...oh, those 1970s moments.

pinkme said...

Wow, where to start?! This is a great question! One of my favorites is "It's been a while" by Staind, oh wait, that was my "been a while" song.
I think you really have to take it in stages. For me it goes something like this:

"Warm Ups" and "I'm getting There" songs:
"Meet Virginia" Train (personal fav, not really sexy)
"Senorita" Los Lonely Boys
"You are the Only One" Teresa Russell
"Champion" Teresa Russell (These are actually good at any point for me, this woman gets me wet!)
"Angel" Massive Attack
"I Want Your Sex" George Michael
"Kiss" by Prince
"Dilemma" Kevin Toney
"Better than Ever" Kevin Toney (Both are great slow "bump and grind" dance songs)
"Dark End of the Street" Percy Sledge

"Moving Along" and "Getting Busy" songs:
Most anything by Marvin Gaye, Barry White (Mmmmm), Miles Davis, Al Green, Benise (yes), Joe Satriani, "La Contestacion" Los Lonely Boys, "Lay me Down" Ashley Macisaac. At this point I hope to be making my own music!:-)
This is also music that is good for "basking in the afterglow" (and hopefully working up to round two).

These are my personal favorites, not necessarilly the sexiest songs to everyone else.

myllissa said...

Oh my. Well, my husband loves to put the Boyz to Men CD on and play, "I'll Make Love to You." Very cheesy. I can't help but laugh. To him, that is wooing a lady.