Monday, January 24, 2005

Random Monday Mutterings

Listening to: Next-to-next-to-final-draft of a mixed CD I'm making for Mamacita

Yes, you read the "Listening to:" entry correctly. Saturday night surfing to friend's blogs (Who wrote calling other bloggers "friends" was sad? I recall reading that but can't recall who wrote it...) and Mamacita posted something about music mixes and I posted a comment suggesting trading mixes and, well, now I'm mixing away. I need to finish this mix today and get it in the mail. Anyway, I declared myself the God of Music Mixology (a mere demi-God at alcohol Mixology, my +8 weapon being a mean Margarita) and now I have to make good on that boast. PinkMe may or may not attest to my Musical Mixological prowess.

Speaking of music, I promise to post my list of all-time best headboard-banging tunes. Unfortunately, it's a list that comes from an all-too-distant memory.

It's gorgeous here, another Spring tease, a second day of 70-degree weather. I took the kids to the park hoping to air the sickness out of them (and forbidding them from playing in the cold mountain stream) and prepare them for their return to school. As soon as I get Lilly from kindergarten, we'll take advantage of our Colorado bliss again.

Dads at the park, yesterday. When we visit parks during the week, it's all moms. Like the internet, I'm a noticable anomaly, a single dad, full-time. Parks on the weekends allow me to blend in but during the weekdays, I'm The Guy.

And back to where we started, linking and reading my "friends"; if I've linked you, you are pretty much read by me on a daily basis. I just go down the list. Anyway, I'm going to re-work my links, categorize them. Assert my Catholic upbringing and play a little pound-o'-guilt on ya'. Cuz' those who have not reciprocated with links will fall under the heading of "Doesn't link me" or something as a means of stating my displeasure. However, it works both ways. If I've neglected your site and you link to me, rattle my cage.

As my hero HST says, "Mahalo".


pinkme said... are the "Mix Master"! You DO make a mean CD, thanks very much!
I hope your kids are feeling better, sunshine has a way of chasing the nasty bugs away.

Elisson said...

Dude, HST? Zappa quote on the sidebar? Are you sure we're not related?

Anonymous said...

Here in Indiana dads (usually) get every other weekend and every Wednesday night. We discovered that one Wednesday evening when we found ourselves at Chuck E. Cheese surrounded by kids gone wild and a bunch of dads sitting at the tables. It was rather amusing to see.

Anonymous said...

That was me-sorry! Heather