Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Finally, To Write

Listening to: The Very Best Of Nina Simone, 1967-1972 : Sugar In My Bowl

We had a Spring Tease the past few days, weather more suited for April or May than January, so the kids and I took advantage. Of course EVERYONE wants to go to the park and not for one of Daddy's nature walks but anything beats sitting inside, wasting gorgeous weather.

If I've neglected writing here (although I've rather enjoyed reading everyone's song suggestions and input) it's because I've been working to fulfill one of my New Year's Resolutions, writing a short story a month. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that I might be a pretty good writer and maybe someone would want to read what I'd written. A year from now, with a dozen short stories behind me, we'll see if I've wasted a resolution.

I spent almost the first two weeks of the new year trying to decide what to write but when the inspiration hit me, I was off and running. My 2004 resolution was to focus on my writing by writing every day and I lived up to that. I was afraid this year's resolution would go the way of "learn to speak Italian" but the energy of the past couple of days has been encouraging.

We'll see. The resolution is to "write a short story every month", not have a publishable final draft every month. However, just starting something or laying out a rough outline hardly meets the requirements of the resolution, either.

And now that I've been writing about writing, I'm getting the urge to write more.

For everyone who participated in the "Moving Along" list (thanks to PinkMe for that suggestion) - gracias! I think I'll take PinkMe's suggestion and do "Getting Busy" (or as I called it, "headboard bangin'") and "Basking in the Afterglow lists. BTW, if you haven't read PinkMe's excellent blog, please go visit her. She has been one of my loyal supporters from the beginning (back when I was getting 5 reads a week) and she certainly deserves the traffic. I have her blog rolled over on the side (Taking Off the Rose Colored Glasses).

And you'll notice my listening selection for this post. A tribute to the incredible Candace. Too bad she doesn't have a blog... :((


pinkme said...

Wow, thank you for the kind, kind words! Good luck with your writing, you are very good at it. I hope you find something to "inspire the pants off of you". :)
(I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to ask you to post pictures of that)Oopps, I think I just did.

Nino the Mindboggler said...


Why do I get the impression I'm about to get inundated with emails that I really REALLY don't want to deal with?!?!?

XOXO to you too! I hope my post brings you more traffic!

Anonymous said...

Me again!! Thank you for the kind words as always and I am looking forward to having my own blog one day........... one day when I am ready to share!!
Always my love

oh and the nina mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!!