Monday, March 21, 2005

Another Big Day at Patriside as I Get Called a "Winner" and the Flu Gets Forgotten

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Read my WINNING ENTRY for Blogging For Books --> CLICK HERE

I'm flattered, honored, speechless (well, I won't go that far), and beaming at being chosen as a winner in this month's Blogging For Books competition. I'm giddy with glee. Thanks to all the folks who left kind and loving comments on that post, your words brought a smile to my face and a flame to my heart.

Gwendolen Gross, the guest author judging the contest, had the nicest things to say about my entry:
Patriside's entry wins not because of the DeLillo shadow (Underworld wasn't my favorite DeLillo, but you have managed a fine shadow-box of his syntax, kudos!), but because of this scrumptious sentence: "She stirred her Honey Nut Cheerios humming softly, sometimes sticking the hooves of a toy Pegasus into the Oh's, oblivious to the snow outside and her daddy watching her." Yup. I was ready to send out a book as soon as I read that. Congratulations!

After the mention in yesterday's paper, I feel like I'm on a roll. Figures the universe would deem it necessary to hit me with a nasty flu bug. Gotta keep everything close to the center, eh? Anyway, with the luck of the past couple of days, I'm almost forgetting that I feel like shit-under-heel. But I have to say that events of the past two days have made this bug almost bearable.

Again, thanks to everyone, Jay, Gwendolen, Jane (at the Gazette Telegraph) and all my tip-top regular readers/supporters who make writing this blog an unqualified joy! Of course, my kids... my source of elation and inspiration.

Sorry folks, I'm really a-buzz.


seeingdouble said...

Well deserved Jim!!!

Elisson said...

Way to go, Jimmy, me lad!

I've gotta say it - you, too, "wonderfully defy category."

Keep up the great work, my friend!

GraceD said...

YES! You are the man! And a wonderful, wonderful writer. I'll never forget the series of when your kiddo was attacked by the dog. Powerful.

And now a message to the readers of Patriside:

Okay bitches. Jim was mine FIRST.

The Zero Boss said...

Jim, you definitely deserve it. Wonderful work!

Oh, and Grace? Back the fuck up, bitch, and get your hands OFF my man!!

chip said...

hey I posted a comment yesterday and it's gone...
Anyway, to repeat, I'm not surprised at this, that story is absolutely fabulous. I'm still haunted by it (haunted in a good way...)
Congrats Jim!

Nino the Mindboggler said...

LOL, thanks Chip (and everyone!), blogger was doing what, oh, what blogger does so well and your dilligence is duly noted!

And sorry, Grace, Jay did get me during that 5 to 10 bid at Lompoc...

Busy Mom said...

Congrats! Well deserved!