Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Twist in the Mix (As If Mixmania! Needed Any More Twists)

Listening to: Velvet Underground, Loaded

Two weeks to go towards the deadline of June's Mixmania! and we already have 24 participants tossed into the... er, mix. Interestingly enough, that's the same number who signed up to participate in April's Mixmania! and I'm confident this crew will deliver (last time two crapheads never fulfilled their side of the bargain; needless to say, they'll never be invited back). Yeah, so although the numbers are the same - and that could change with two weeks left - everything's different. And now it's about to get differenter. Er.

Now - the entire fucking internet needs to hear this:
Okay- I have an idea/question/possible favor. I got an e-mail I will
forward to you from my brother-in-law about my other brother-in-law, Bill. Rich's (FG) brother. I've posted about him before, including on Memorial Day but the long and short of it is that at age 56, after 30 years of service and 4 months of retirement, he got called back. He's in Iraq. Slogging around in incredible heat, miserable conditions, fleas, dust, etc. About the only things worth anything over there in terms of gifts are DVDs and CDs. What's the chance of asking mixed mania people to send a second cut of the exact CD they are making, also to you, and these could be boxed up and shipped over? People could throw in any old DVDs they're not using, too. It has nothing to do with politics, pro or con and everything to do with supporting a real live group of service men. Whaddya think?

Hell yes I'm up for that. These men and women are doing the hard work for us, whether we want them to or not, willing to do it in whatever shitstorm America asks them to enter.

This brilliant idea isn't mine, of course. Last brilliant idea I had is still sitting in pieces out on my deck. If you haven't figured out that it's the brilliant Vicky that came up with this idea then, go, now, to her blog, move along there's nothing to see here, her brilliance makes this little puddle of blog look like dim bulb central.

For myself, I'm burning a few disks, including a disk of some subversive rap. A copy of Dr. Stranglove, certainly. I'd send a few sheets of acid if I had an island to retire to but that's not happening. No one wants to eat my cookies, so that's out too.

Sounds of summer and sounds of home, back in the world, Sanityland (relatively, y'know). Whatever sounds you send, someone will be happier, and if there's any other purpose for music, I can't think of it.


Mamacita said...

Brilliant idea. Where do we send them?

panthergirl said...

Exxxxxxxcellent!!! At his age, he'll appreciate my mix. ;)

vicki said...

Hey, Jim- as usual, you deliver! Thanks so vey much. I just added a note at my place that they can send them all in the same mailer to you and we'll get them posted to the APO address. Also, I put the APO address up in mine in case people want to send a CD or DVD with note directly. Thanks again. I owe ya.

GraceD said...

Dude. Again you rule in your Pagan God mightiness. With Queen Vicki of Truth and Beauty at your side, there will be no more wars, the hungry will be fed, and the whole world will be one big Manitou Springs.

I **genuflect**.

I will also be pimping this most excellent idea on my humble blog once I get through my own effort to raise $$$ for breast cancer research. Again, I received hate email! Again, I will be making donations for each reader who throws rotten tomatoes at the hate emailers! Again, I do my best to boost my karmic fate.

Am I allowed to participate in Mixmania? I promise to be more expedient in my participation.

Always in awe,

Miss Education said...

I'm willing to contribute another CD. Will we get both shipping addresses at once?

Taamar said...

So... two copies of the CD, one to the address you tell me, and one to some other address you'll tell me, so it can be forwarded? No problem. Shall I burn the second CD with track info?

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Yes, everyone, you'll get 2 addresses... the person you're matched with and my addy to use as your return address (to keep you anonymous). Send your 2nd CD to me and I'll forward them on to our friends in the sand.

You people ROCK!!!

Kathy said...

Just reading through your blog and saw this re the second cd. Great idea. I just wrote about a program where they're asking for paperbacks for the soldiers as well. I was wondering if that's appreciated as much as CD's and DVD's?