Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's All About ME, This Blog Is

Listening to: Phish, Lawn Boy

Greetings from an air-conditioned office on the eastside of Colorado Springs!

In more exotic locales, "eastside" might conjure up images of piquant pockets of ethnic communities, their huddled masses warming their hands over the great melting pot as pinches of mysterious ingredients get stirred into the brew. Out-of-the-way and under-the-radar haunts known to only the locals and a few adventurous bohemians. Dark corners where anything can be had for a price or alley-way stores that cater to only the most eccentric tastes. A part of the map that even a mere mention can evoke an inscrutable aroma and odd, hypnotic music.

"Eastside" anywhere else might call up such spirits but not here in the land of mayonnaise and Wonder Bread. Our eastside is just another generic quilt-square of the stupefying suburban wasteland, a place carpet-bombed by tract homes and populated by sheeple. A monochromatic landscape notable only for its quintessential blandness, as flat and unremarkable as the plains that were paved over to accomodate this monstrous monument to homogeneity and the hobgoblin of little minds.

Sitting in this office and looking out window across a sea of asphalt, my thoughts drift to the obvious: why am I writing about this? Well, because I have NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT. At least not at the moment.

My posting duties over at BloggingBaby have taken a toll on me. I don't know how Jay does it (7 posts a day at BB!) but 4 posts a day (here or there) saps me - and this blog suffers. I'm not giving up my BB duties (I need the extra scratch too bad) so I need to develop a solution.

My best thought is to have a set theme for every day of the week so at least I'm tied to a particular topic. I dunno if that's reasonable and maybe some suggestions would help me keep this thing a little less stale and stinky. For the moment, I'm thinking that Wednesday's will be "Odds & Ends Wednesdays" since it seems that's where I've started and I might as well keep the momentum going. Thursdays would be "Thirst Days" (see what a paucity of creativity I've had?) in which I talk about what booze I'm swilling or tales of debauched behavior from my sordid past.

Friday's I'll answer the various questions that you, dear reader, have emailed me or left in comments. We'll call that "Nino the Mindboggler answers your questions or pontificates on things he knows nothing about" in the likely event that no one has asked me a question. I was thinking about making Saturday "Santorum Saturday's" and reporting on the results of my attempts to have sex with some inanimate object (that is not my ex-wife), although I think that's being blogged somewhere else. Since "Saturday's child works hard for a living" or something like that, maybe I'll discuss work things or at least why it sucks to be a Saturday's Child and having to work on Saturday.

Sunday will have a spiritual theme, of course, mostly about why I'm going to hell. Monday will be "Picture Day" and I'll either post pictures or I'll go to your blog and make fun of your pictures. "Two's Day" will be me picking two things I don't like and bitching about them and then picking two things I like and telling you why the pair deserves my praise.

Sounds like a monumental waste of time, doesn't it? Then again, if that's a complaint, why are you here?


tinkamarink said...

Great ideas! Whatever it takes to see more of you around!

Jenorama said...

Those are really good ideas. You know, BB is also taking a toll on me (not complaining, I enjoy it)-- in the form of exhaustion. I ran five miles earlier today, and since then, all I have wanted to do is sleep (and I did do some of that).

I know my body and mind will adjust to the greater brain power my life requires, but yes, it's kicking me, too!

Jenorama said...

And thanks for the linky love! :)