Saturday, June 04, 2005


Listening to: New York Dolls, New York Dolls

The 4th of June and the high today is fifty-nine degrees fahrenheit. Rainy, cloudy, cold and I'm bummed. Although it doesn't surprise me that we'd get a sub-sixty degree late-spring day in Colorado, it doesn't please me in the least. I had plans today, plans that demanded warmth and sunshine sufficient to dry out the ground from the past two weeks of Portland-like weather.

As some of you know, my plans have not had stellar results, of late.

Today I had planned to finally get under my 68' Volkswagon Beetle and replace a clutch cable. My poor little car has been idle for too long and my kids have been a little impatient with the Bug just sitting there. Oh, they've had fun with it as it sits collecting dust, it's become a sort of complex piece of playground equipment that they crawl into and pretend to drive to fantasy destinations. That's all well and good but they would rather ride around in it with daddy behind the wheel.

They like the bug because it's small, like them. It's cute, like them. It's not afraid to get dirty, like them.

Zeke keeps asking, "What's wrong with the Bug Tar?" I don't know why he pronounces his 'C' with a 'T' but he loves "tars". Whenever I pick him up from my parent's or my sister-in-law's, I have to pat him down lest he walk out with someone's "tar".

There's always next week. Like the weather, things will get better. I'll find the time to myself out of this rut, to put my "tar" right, to put other things right, to make the damn thing go.


vicki said...

I' m going to post a comment here because this is precisely the sort of post we were talking about when we referenced the dirth of comments to certain things we write. I'm thinking of all your friends who read you sitting there going, "oh, man. Geez. This is so painful. I just don't know what to say..."

Internet relationships, whether they are driven by the wish to move to a personal relationship or whether they just exist as writing relationships are odd ones. We get to know people, in some ways, better than we would meeting up in person.
We get to leave out the parts of that person that don't resonate with us and all of the day-to-day schlock of life. I met FG via the internet and sometimes I think, how embarassing is that? Well, I had two children and I wasn't out dating and so when he came along we fell for each other first with the written word. We lucked out. Maybe you will sometime, too.

This post says you are wishing to focus on your life, the tasks at hand, the children. Even if you're not there yet you will be.

Lost Girl said...

Oh my first car was a '72 Super Beetle. I have such fond memories of that car....

... like how reverse didn't work and you had to physcially push it out of parking spaces, etc...

... Does JC Whitney still have the beetle catalog to end all catalogs?

Queen M said...

The "child" lingo is something that just CANNOT be matched in cuteness! :) My kids do it all the time. The youngest always says, "Where ARE UM?" Regarding anything plural. PS>>>No link to Adoration? Hmmm...Did I fall off the "worthy" list??