Monday, June 13, 2005

Destiny’s Child Splits Up; Existence of God Confirmed

Listening to: Black Flag, Damaged

Probably no other group is more responsible for the bland and forgettable sounds on Top-40 radio than Destiny’s Child. Thus, it is fitting that the band’s announced split has been met with such bland and forgettable reaction.

The announcement came Saturday night during a show in Barcelona, Spain when one of the members, who is not Beyonce, stated that the show would be the last they would ever do in Europe. Presumably, that moment drew the most enthusiastic applause of the evening.

Spain, a devoutly Roman Catholic country, has recently had its faith in God shaken with the election of a Socialist government and the legalization of gay marriage. However, Saturday’s announcement of the demise of Destiny’s Child hinted that a benevolent spirit might still be calling the shots.

Unfortunately, in another part of the world, it appears the forces of darkness are still very much alive and powerful. With the announcement of a Backstreet Boy’s reunion, the universe remains a lonely and scary place. Although impending global warming is reason to worry about the fate of our planet, the specter of the resurgence of boy bands should be a positive indication that the end is near.


panthergirl said...

Well, clearly you are not a woman who blasts "No Scrubs" and screams to it while driving...


lu said...

LMAO, Panthergirl!

Jim, I see some of my silliness, uh, rubbed off on you. Wait. You are serious though, huh?

Sterfish said...

I liked Destiny's Child at one point, but once it became a living game of musical chairs, I started to like them less. Their current album was lackluster, so I'm glad to see them go. Beyonce's solo work was a lot better than what was on "Destiny Fulfilled."

Heather said...

Is it bad that I thought they broke up years ago?