Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Batchland Becomes Munchkinland in Less Than Twelve Hours, So Time to Stash the Chili Cheese Fritos

Listening to: Tones On Tail, Night Music

With summer comes a new schedule and not just because the days are longer or I'm a love-sick fool. Since Lilly is no longer required to be in school these days, X and I have switched our custody days in order to finally give her some weekends free. Fair enough - she hasn't had a free weekend in over nine months. So, until school starts anew, X is keeping the kidlets from Sunday until Wednesday or Thursday.

The change messes with my childcare a bit but not to the extent that it's unworkable. Besides, I prefer to do my camping during the week (when the parks are far less crowded) and bringing the wee ones with me into the woods is one of this life's greatest pleasures. In fact, we're heading to one of my favorite fishing spots on Friday.

I've tipped my hand. Since the schedule change was agreed upon, X and I had "transition" days which amounted to me missing out on one of my days - which hurts. Although I've enjoyed the down time, the relaxation has been far overridden by my missing the kids. Aside for the obvious pining for the object of my affection, my thoughts are otherwise consumed with ruminations of the laughter and cries and yes, the "Daddy, I need," when I need to be doing something, the usual sounds that usually fill this now empty house.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll show up at X's sliding glass door and watch tiny people jumping up and down with glee, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" and joy will wash over me, the reminder that life just gets better and better, that whatever I'm feeling as I write this will be forgotten when my children rush into my arms and again fulfill me.


vicki said...

Good Morning, Jim! To this day we hide the "good food" when the kids are coming for a visit- esp. now that they are mostly grown and their tastes and appetites have escalated.

This is a happy post- I like this post. For as long as I can remember there's been that push-pull that single parents know of longing for their children when they don't have them and trying to have a life separate from their children. But I don't think there ever really is a life separate from them.
Sounds like a good block schedule for the summer. I bet you have some great fishing spots near you. Are you teaching the kids to fish?

Karen said...

Its good that you and the X have worked it out. I hope you'll get an extra day to make up for the missed one. Camping is better during the week and I bet the kids love it as much as you do.

Have a good day!