Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do Whatcha' Gotta' Do, I Guess

Listening to: Richard Strauss, Also Sprach Zarathustra

Later on today, I'm taking my three children up to the mountains to do an overnight camping trip (most likely along Tarryall Creek). Taking them and my neice and nephew (14 and 11, respectively) so don't expect much brain-work after I get back.

Also, the object of my affection returns on Saturday... *whew!*. My own happiness and sanity is the extent of my regard at the moment.

Until everything figures itself out, I have a little story for you:

My friend P and M have been trying to have a baby for awhile and recently decided to undergo fertility testing. P went to his first test, was handed a platic cup and pointed to the bathroom.

No magazines, no videos, P still did his best and after a few minutes, managed to produse a sample for the medical staff. Flushed and a little breathless, P took the cup back to the counter and sheepishly provided his sample.

The nurse looked at the cup and then informed P, "Sir... we were asking for a urine sample."

P told M, "Honey, we won't be going back there."

OK... well, I thought it was funny.

Until next time, you can read my posts on Blogging Baby. Cheers.


vicki said...

Actually, that IS funny. How embarassing for P. I have been reading your posts in Blogging for Babies- they're great! Sounds as though, between children and object you have a great few days coming up- I'm glad.

Miss Education said...

HA! That's great.

lu said...

I think I like this P. Anyone who would willingly share such a story must have an incredible sense of humor and the very attractive ability to laugh at himself. Too funny!

Happy fishing/camping! Hope you and the wee ones have a blast and you hook yourself something fabulous this weekend.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Lu, the stars are with me... something tells me that I will indeed hook a "keeper" this weekend :)

Heathen said...

Enjoy your trip. I just took my short one on his first overnight camping trip! It was a blast, hiking, fishing (which to my chagrin he actually caught a fish). I can't believe how much fun camping is with kids!

z. said...

ha ha ha, that is so funny.