Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Can See Clearly Now...

Listening to: A 70's mix I made years ago

The rain is gone. According to the weather report, clear skies thru mid-week and high temps in the 80's. Hopefully, the authentic summer days will continue on until next weekend and I'll get the time jack up the bug (literally, not figuratively) and get the clutch working.

In the interest of clear skies, I thought I'd clarify the theme for this month's mixmania! by posting (by permission) an email from Heather:
Okay, I’m thinking of participating this time but I had a question. This theme thing is what made it sound fun for me, but I want to make sure I’m thinking of it right. These should be songs that say ‘summer’ to me, but not necessarily to the receiver? For instance if there is a certain song my friends and I blasted on every road trip taken one summer that would work?

To which I responded:


What says "Summer" to you... and what songs, whenever you hear them, bring to mind a place/time (i.e. hot summer days) that are unique to your memory. That's why I figured it was a fun theme because everyone will be mixing a disk of songs that are close to our hearts and not just "what I'm currently listening to" kind of mixes.

I'm having to dig deep to find those songs for myself but I'm having a blast doing it. This mix is unique to me as well, unlike most of my mixes, less about being a DJ and more about the pure love of songs that matter to us.

Hope you have the time of your life mixing your own disk!

So far we have 20 participants unless a few withdraw because they decide they're hate and disgust for me overrides their desire to get some cool music. For those still in and having fun, I can't wait to see what you post on the first of July. Have fun!


Mamacita said...

Do you still have my address from last time or should I re-send it?

Summer music. I've got mine burned already. Let's all roll down the windows and drive past the cuties at the drive-in!

Miss Education said...

I envisioned mine as what would make me sing out loud without shame at a stoplight with the windows down, i.e. stuff that makes me rock out with my, um, socks out. Considering I don't wear socks in the summertime, I should probably change that phrase, but I'm tired and drinking red wine, so whatever.

Miss Education said...

And yes, singing out loud without shame at a stoplight with the windows down just screams summertime to me.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Exactly, Lauren... and looking over at the driver who's staring at you and singing even LOUDER!