Friday, June 24, 2005

Just a Moment While I Check to See Where My Sanity Went

Listening to: Mississippi John Hurt, The 1928 Sessions

Suggest a theme for August's Mixmania - Deadline July 15. So far the suggestions are "Workout Mix," "Sing Out Loud Mix," and "Party Mix." Voting on the themes will end July 31.

A summer thunderstorm is blowing through at the moment while my girls are ostensibly cleaning their room. Hands down, the tempest outside is much, much calmer.

The room is getting cleaned in exchange for a promise to take a stoll downtown to the penny arcade. The arcade is pretty cool (check out that last link and this link for other people's links... I'll load mine onto Flickr one of these days...), lots of quarter kiddie rides, video games, skeeball, and some antique pinball machines that still only require a nickel. Of course the kids love it and the plea of "When are we going to the arcade again?" is a daily chime, like a church clock. With the day off and a desire to clear the minefield that is the girl's room, I figured a bribe to go to the arcade would be a great way to fill out a Friday afternoon.

Like all Colorado thunderstorms, the one kicking up dust outside right now will pass after a half hour and so, there's no getting out of the Arcade promise unless the girls renege on their end of the bargain (which, odds at the moment, are even). If the girls manage to get past their bickering and the need to stop and play with every toy before it gets put back in its place, you can find us downtown feeding quarters to plastic ponies.

If not, you'll see me back here with another gripe.


Homer Jay said...

I loved the thunderstorms when I lived in CO. Ahhh. The memories.

seeingdouble said...

That's it, I'm boycotting until I see moobs.

chip said...

what a nice dad! My method was to threaten to go in with a big garbage bag and throw away anything that wasn't put away. I actually carried through on the threat once, despite the cries as beloved legos and plastic animals dropped into the bag... After that it worked like a charm. I guess that doesn't fall under the category of "nurturing parenting" ...