Saturday, June 25, 2005

Step Up or Shut the Fuck Up

Listening to: Jean Sibelius, Finlandia/Karelia Suite/The Symphonies # 1, 2 & 4

Oh, how far the mighty have fallen.

We're not talking about me (of course), being neither particularly mighty nor having fallen nearly as far as I could. Sure, I'll debase myself here but I don't think anyone's addlepated by that; my resorting to geek-tricks in order to whore for a few more readers is hardly surprising.

Thus, to mollify Crystal's demand for moobs, I offer this shot of myself from my webcam:

As you can see, I haven't been eating my Wheaties.

As a bonus, you can see what I looked like in the 80's:

I swear to god, this one's real. That mane goes down to the middle of my back in that pic and yes, my dad is about to load a 5 1/4 floppy into the computer. Yeeeesh. I don't know about the rest of you but I sure don't miss the 80's.

And another thing: the sparkly things near my ears aren't specks on the photo but earrings. Dangling earrings, I think one was the Boot from a Monopoly game and the other one was a fishing lure or skull or something. "Yeeeesh," indeed.

None of that's my point.

How the mighty have fallen, yes. Check out recent polls and see how over 60 percent of Americans now disagree with this war. How most now believe Bush lied to get us into this clusterfuck. That sucking sound is not your paycheck going into your gas tank, it's the hubris BushCo trumpeted last November and it's come back as a big karmic foot in his ass.

Rummy tells us the insurgency in Iraq is in its "last throes" which is true, I guess, if "last throes" means "growing". Ah, but Rummy isn't over there doing the dirty work.

What I want to know is why the Bush twins - Jenna and Not-Jenna - aren't over in Iraq. Isn't that a fair question? In fact, why aren't the asshats who support the war signing up? Check out the college Republicans and none of those weasels are stepping up to enlist to go fight the war they think matters.

Walk your talk, assholes. Step up and go do the hard work. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Shut. the. Fuck. Up (Conservative cowards are expected to comment ANONYMOUSLY - per usual - to present themselves as the retards they are).

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld... fucking cowards. Never saw a day of combat yet gung-ho to send other people's kids into harm's way. Jonah Goldberg? Anne Coulter? Please tell me when any of them are going to sacrifice a themeselves or a family member. Please.

In the meantime, my son drives a truck here in Colorado and he won't be driving it for Haliburton:

He's not fighting your war, you cowardly shitsacks; neither are my daughters (not considering it even if the Bush twins enlist - heh). Over sixty percent of Americans are against this war (still will be after the Chimp's speech, Tuesday, bank on that) and I was one of the few who opposed this war from Day One. Fuck you.

I know what my country is about and it's not about my president lying about reasons for going to war. None but the completely stupid or the wilfully ignorant know this by now. Sign up your own kids for this fiasco, you gutless shitbags. Leave my kids alone.

UPDATE: Go read what a soldier over in Iraq has to say to the worthless turd Karl Rove.


lu said...

Jim, you are oh so brave to post that pic and you have inspired me to share my own 80's hall of shame over at my place. ; )

Course, it goes without saying that Z is an adorable truck driver.

As far as your rant is concerned, as a great icon of the 80's(one MC Hammer) once said, "Can't touch this"

Jenorama said...

My kids already know that we will leave the country before they ever serve for a war like this.

Excellent question about the Bush twins. You rock!

vicki said...

no post, no post, no post, turn my back for a second and WHAM! You're back with better bling bling in your ears than I own and a savvy, smart and fired up rant!
We talk to Bill whenever we can find him on IM and it's rough going over there. He is usually exhausted from the heat, the sand storms and trying to organize 700 troops who don't have all their gear because shipments are late. It's miserable and not where we should be.
The link was great- good letter to Karl!
Let's see- what else? Pecs are nice, already admired the earrings. Oh- about your child. Take heed, Jim. That's how T.D. got her start...
Thank you for the beautiful poem, too!

Edgy Mama said...

Go guy! Love your anti-Bush/Rove rant. And the 80s photo--total Peter Frampton hair. I came over from Lu.

The Zero Boss said...

Gotta disagree, Jim. I would NEVER volunteer to fight even in a war I supported unless the enemy were practically on our doorstep. Why? Because I'd make an awful soldier, and would be more a liability to my fellow soldiers than an asset. Does that mean I'm not entitled to an opinion?

You don't have to do something to support it. I support negotiations with North Korea - that doesn't mean I'm going to drop everything I'm doing and become a diplomat. I support spying on al Qaeda - doesn't mean I'm going to learn Arabic and join the CIA.

Does your prohibition about supporting war also extend to people who can't fight because of family situations? People with disabilities or health conditions that keep them out of the armed forces?

On another note, I LOVE the hair. Gotta see if I can dig up one of myself with a shoulder-length perm.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

OK, Jay - all able-bodied and enlistment-aged loud-mouths who support the war but don't enlist are showing their true cowardice and revealing an ugly characteristic inherent in the GOP ("we'll start wars to enrish our corporate friends and send other people's kids to fight that war).

Jonah Goldberg (from NRO's The Corner) is perfectly capable of enlisting but won't... and apparently gleeful that American kids are dying everyday so he can get his armchair-general nut on. I also guarantee the sack of shit won't send his daughters over there (if this fiasco carries on that long).

The military is suffering a huge recruitment crisis and yet I don't see Tony Perkins or James Dobson commanding their flocks to get out there and do the hard work.

I stand by my argument - if you want to talk about how terrific the war in Iraq is, go fight it.

Bernadette said...

Ah...Sibelius! Of course you knew that the Finlandia theme is used in the hymn "Be Still My Soul" and is also the Finnish national anthem. Off to the sauna...

Taamar said...

"I stand by my argument - if you want to talk about how terrific the war in Iraq is, go fight it."

Oh... and reach deep into your wallets and pay for it, too! If the war in Iraq is so necessary, why cut taxes for the small percetange of the tax base that is most likely to support it (and Bush) and can afford to pay for it. They are not only seding our children overseas, they are pissing our tax dollars away.

melina said...

hello! i haven't been here in a while! yay 80's and yay floppy--remember: "you can STORE the file on this!!!"

the hair? that's INSANE DUDE!

awww, cute truck driver

seeingdouble said...

I got my moobs!
On the serious side, I couldn't agree with you more. My husband is an Infatryman. He doesn't sit in the camp, he fights in the desert, or the city, or the jungle, wherever the fight takes him. It's dangerous, it's frightening, and we believe it's for nothing. It's his duty to go, and he will, but we don't agree with the actions of the administration. I am simply amazed at how many people are still blinded to the things Bush and Co. have done, the fraud, the lies, the crimes committed. We were up in arms over a goddamn BJ when Clinton was in office, but we turn our heads to murder and deceit? Wake the fuck up!!

seeingdouble said...

Oh, and Jim, I'll post an 80s pic... just for you.