Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here!"

Listening to: Donovan, Troubadour

If you want to join in on June's Mixmania! do it NOW or you're S.O.L. as of midnight (PST) tonight!

For all of those worried that I've tumbled off the lip at the edge of our fantastic and flat planet, I submit this post to assure you that I am safe and (by some accounts) sane. The task at BloggingBaby has kept me busy, as has my bliss with TOOMA. So, it's not that there's nothing to post here, just not much time.

The worry warts are, I assume, all in the mixmania! camp and wondering if they'll be getting the long-awaited email alerting them of their match. Take a valium, people, everything's on track. The emails are going out Saturday, giving everyone five days to complete their mixes and six days to drop it in the mail.

To entertain us in the interim, I'm asking if anyone has an idea for a theme for the next mixmania! in August. Any suggestions? Get your little neurons aroused and jittery, you're a creative crowd, toss out your thoughts on this matter. I'll collect everyone's suggestions over the next couple of weeks and if there's a good number of ideas, I'll hold a nifty little poll in mid-to-late-July (anyone know if I can add a poll app on blogger?).

Midnight tonight, ya' sluggards, and the mix is complete for this month's folly. The email you'll get on Saturday will include information on where to send an extra disk (and any stray DVD's you care to add) for the folks over in Iraq who deserve our gratitude. A big gracias from them as well as me for those who go the extra inch and send extra disks.


z. said...

Glad you ask! I was about to send you an email with a suggestion: a Workout mix! because i won't be fit for summer but maybe i'll make it for the holiday season!

z. said...

Or songs you like to sing out loud. A good mix for when you are stuck in traffic. The story of my life :(

Jenorama said...

I was also going to say workout mix. Thanks, z!

So, if we want to do mixmania this month we tell you right this minute?

I wanna do it. Please.

vicki said...

Oh, Lord. The pressure's on. Now I have to figure out how to do a mix.
In the meantime, Tag! You're It! C'mon over. And thanks again, for the help for Iraq/Bill

Homer Jay said...

I like the "Songs you sing out loud" idea. Workout Mix? what's that?

Natsthename said...

How about a party mix?

panthergirl said...

I know you're busy, but pop on over to my blog and join the fun... I'm doing a SIMS game and we need more boys!!

Hank said...

I vote for Sing Out Loud Mix