Monday, June 13, 2005

The Lynch Mob Wore Louis Vuitton Sheets

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Unless you live out of earshot of a bullhorn or fell down a deep well, you're aware that Michael Jackson was acquitted of all counts on charges that should have earned him years of brutal ass-rape and being sold for smokes. If you were shocked by the verdict, shame on you; in the US we have the best justice system that money can buy and although Jackson doesn't have the cash to purchase a gram of crytaline credibility, he at least had the funds to get himself acquitted

Count me among the wacky and paranoid who found Jacko sleeping with pre-teen boys as a tad bit untoward. Had it been my son in his bed, I'd be the one on trial, for snapping the neck of E.T.'s creepy uncle and tossing the bejeweled and botoxed corpse into Neverland's chimp shit dumpster. Nonetheless, the verdict is in and MJ has returned to the sanctuary of his perverse nursery, to think, uh, long and hard, about the extent of his particular sickness that will no doubt land him back in court again. Mark my words, Michael Jackson won't be able to deny his urges forever and we'll all get another dose of his sexually transmitted disease, whether we want it or not.

Guilty or innocent, my disgust comes from the media circus that was bred in the entire sordid idiocy of celbrity on trial. At about the same time that the MSM colluded to bring our IQ down to their level, the so-called Downing Street Memos were released and yet, our supposedly free press remained mute about the real crime story of the season.

Consider the obvious obscenity: the president of the United States, determined for whatever reason to start a war and sacrifice hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, decides to twist intelligence in order to justify that war, democracy be damned. Yet the very press that should keep this kind of insanity in check, capitulated. Accepting sodomy for themselves and projecting that assault on a freakish celebrity in some kind of sick Freudian joke, "Look here, he's queer," the distraction of a prominent pederast became far more acceptable to the MSM than the acknowledgement of their own craven inability to ask honest-to-god hard questions and willingness to take it stiffly up the ass.

Soon after the Michael Jackson verdict was announced, the DA prosecuting the case availed himself to a press conference that was no less ill advised than his case against Jackson. Reporters asked why he'd made the crux of his case on an unreliable witness, why he'd relied on a testimony that was questionable at best, why he hadn't followed though with witnesses that couldn't be bought off and tainted. Fair enough questions but it made me think - where we these kinds of questions when Bush decided to go to war?

Seems kind of chickenshit when the MSM can pull out the stops for some numbskull lawyer who can't properly prosecute a child molester based on iffy evidence but won't play similar hardball with a president where the evidence is unequivocally damning and clearly criminal.

If I got any satisfaction out of Jackson's verdict, it was how stunned and confused the MSM reacted when the "not guilty" announcements came like diminishing Q ratings. For months the MSM had determined Jackson's guilt and they'd been rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of having countless hours of punditry pus oozing over the story of a black man raping young white boys. With the verdict, all their investment in reaping Red State hate towards African-American child-molesters was diminished. The Sunday talk shows would have to look for other boogie men.

It was telling, hours after the verdict was announced, to see the wall-to-wall outrage on cable news. No nigger to hang, no reason to assure viewers intoxicated on hate that those who raped white children would be summarily stowed away where all the the rest of those people were stowed away. In the tiny minds of MSM CEOs, it was reduced to, Dammit, with no black folk to hang, it's back Arabs. And, well, since there's still no Osama, Jesus knows we can't hang Arabs for just being Arabs. We got away with hanging nig... er, black people for no reason for 400 years but there's no precedent for arabs. Dammit.

And lo, the lynch mob was disbanded, and the cable news pundits grumbled, all night, with gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts, and a great wailing was heard with the injustice of it all. Not so much as how the justice system works (or fails to work) but at how, well, the fun was over. No fruit, black or arab, hanging from a poplar tree.

Considering the facts, I'm not too concerned that Michael Jackson has walked free. More surprising, I hold no illusions that president Bush will ever serve a day in jail. Screw him; if there's anyone who should die regretting the worthless, dishonest, dissolute life he's led, it's that drooling cur.

If there's any scum I'd like to see made into a prison bitch, it's the worthless turds that pass themselves off as our fourth estate. May they rot in hell. And may someone report, for everyone to read, how inconsequential and treasonous, how worthless and meretricious, those lives were before they willingly stepped into hell.


lu said...

Jim, you have just gotta find a way to open up, be more expressive. Enough with this crippling inhibition! Let us know what you really think.

OY! I wish I could say I thought your snark was worse than your bite. ; )

Mike Burns said...

This is so awesome. There are others out there who see the insanity that is going on! I am not alone! Not every single person around me has gone insane! OK, now what?

vicki said...

Lu said what I was going to say- tell us how you really feel. It's a disturbing scene on all fronts: the Michael Jackson thing is pretty much a non-issue for me beyond the incredible wasteland of some folk's lives. The political environment is so much more painful and one of the hardest aspects for me is the divisiveness it is breeding at every level.It's great to read your writing again after a dry spell...

geekfarm said...

MIB II was on last night and Jacko has a cameo. You think that was on purpose? Trying to Jack up the summertime ratings.
Also as I sat enjoying a re-run of the movie Stripes:
"AHHURRRMEEEE Training Sir!"
It sadly occured to me that the DOD was probably behind the new DVD release in lou of recent sagging enlistment numbers.