Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where the Hell is Moses When I Need Him?

Listening to: The Roots, Phrenology

Lilly attends school about 100 yards from our front door and everyday, I walk a little up the hill to get her from her P.M. kindergarten class. As some of you may have seen (in my little photo essay last Christmas Eve), we live at the foot of the legendary Pikes Peak in a little mountain town that is 70% vertical with horizontal territory at a premium. Thus, my way to picking up Lilly is almost entirely uphill.

As I navigate my way to the front doors of the school, I am confronted by a veritable tidal wave of elementary school children rushing headlong at me. Their little heads tucked down and running full speed - downhill - I feel like a drunk salmon swimming upstream, weaving, bobbing, futilely attempting to just get about 10 yards farther than where I was a few minutes previous. My fear is not getting bowled over (I don't cut an imposing figure but I am considerably larger than the imps charging towards me), it's... well, as short as they are, I really should be wearing a protective cup. One of these days a collision is going to send me to the sidewalk, screaming with unimaginable pain as second-graders trample me to death and put me out of my misery.

As far as my mixmania! song list... you'll have to wait. I want whoever gets my mix to wonder a bit before I post the list. Shitty, I know, I'm an evil suck. It's my party and I'll be sly if I want to...


slultalicious lu said...

Jim, be careful out there! I have a vested interest in uh... that, ahem, area, you know.

panthergirl said...

Hey get a room you guys! ;)

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Nino the Mindboggler said...


OK, I gotta go check out the link...

Nino the Mindboggler said...



And as far as my Designer/Architect, recombinant DNA is AWESOME!!!

Karen said...

ROFL! Yeah, I think you better wear a cup! ;-) CHARGE! Be careful out there...