Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Michelle and G Drop in on Chez Patriside, Meet Lu, Me, and Two of Us Get Fabulously Drunk

Listening to: David Bowie, Station to Station

OK, dammit, I just lost an entire post because my Firefox just crashed. This has been going on for a few days now, Firefox just going tits up and then getting a blue screen when I try to restart the browser. At that point, I pretty much have to restart the computer if I want to get back to surfing.

Thing is, I love - LOVE - Firefox (almost as much as I hate Microsoft). Any tech-heads have a clue what's going on?

If there's a single gripe about this past weekend, it's that the weather was dreary, rainy, and cold. On second thought, since we didn't really want to go anywhere and were... ummmm... more inclined to stay in and get to know one another, in retrospect, maybe the weather was part of a perfect weekend. Perhaps the fog and rain and clouds were just another way in which the Gods and Goddesses smiled on us.

In the midst of our perfect weekend, we were graced by presence of Jim and Michelle (of Genuine and Mrs. G's Peek fame) who made the 90-minute drive from up north to meet Lu and lil' ol' me. Not only did they navigate through the crappy weather but they bought us dinner (and a wonderful bottle of wine) at the local steakhouse. The host got hosted and hosted well.

However, the best part was just getting the opportunity to sit and shoot the shit with Michelle and Jim. They're great people, smart, funny, fun and it was an honor to know they enjoyed our company as well. After dinner we tromped through the rain back to my place and I cracked open another bottle of wine. Michelle was not really drinking (being preggers and all) and Lu is pretty much a tea-totaller (she probably drank 3 - 4 drinks the entire weekend) but Jim and I more than made up for the sober ladies.

A lot of laughs, some blogger gossip (yee haw!), a little brainstorming on the possible blogger conference here in Colorado. By the end of the night, I had to applaud Jim's incredible constitution.

Definitely people I'd love to hang with some more. Jim reminds me of a handful of my party buddies from years ago and it's probably a good thing I live 90 minutes away - otherwise, I'd be in trouble.


Mamacita said...

I'm not sure which of the bunch was luckiest; I think it was a tie. Four of my favorite people in all the blogiverse together in one room. . . . well, I'm about to die from sheer envy.

Honestly, I'm so happy for you all, I could pee my pants. Um, what I meant was, it's better than the Pirates of Penzance. Okay, I watched Pretty Woman last night. Late. Alone. Not at a table with four awesome people.

I think it's awesome. All of it.

Carry on. If I may phrase it so.

Bernadette said...

Better than the Pirates of Penzance?! High praise, indeed! I came via Vicki and she's right--you do have a great blog!

panthergirl said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, weather and all. ;)

I went back and read Lu's 100 Things and the pairing of you two makes even more sense. The question now, is, what next?

As you both know, I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm peeing in my pants too!! I mean in my PLANTS...

Heather said...

Sounds so great!

Also, do you have the latest version of Firefox? I was having trouble for a bit and then I remembered the hubby had been nagging me to upgrade for a couple weeks.

vicki said...

I'm with mamacita- wish I could have been a fly on the wall. While you and Lu were otherwise occupied I went back into both your archives a bit more. The lovely little poem Grace posted for you plus something in Lu's list of 100 things- "I believe in do-overs,"- well, life is one big Mulligan as far as I'm concerned, ala Ground Hog Day. Aren't we lucky for that? And aren't you two lucky now? She is so lovely- literally and in writing- and you with such a good heart and head. I'mm watching with interest. And if it gets to that point, I'm the queen of blended family therapy and I offer a sliding fee scale: 2 comments my place per session. Better deal than you might get elsewhere.
So- get this Colorada thing off the ground. I could hitch up Priscilla the Airstream and head right out.

Taamar said...

Yes, the weather was brilliant over the weekend...

Unless one is trying to move from Fort Collins to Englewood. Not that anyone I know would be so silly.

seeingdouble said...