Monday, May 16, 2005

Well, That Was a Long Weekend!

Listening to: A delicious mixed disk mixed for my by Panthergirl

My friends from the band Boondoggle were whippin' up a righteous noise just right around the corner, walking distance, which meant I had no reason to subscribe to my usual program of temperance. Free to imbibe with little fear of arrest, I took license to get liquored up, live large, and cut loose on the dance floor.

Which means I was a wretched mess on Saturday but hey, a little hair of the dog and a few hello's at Genuine's Bash on Saturday meant I was right as rain for another stroll down the block to see the band again.

Sunday was not so friendly. I had to facilitate my eight-bygod-thirty-a-m DUI therapy group, followed by a DUI Level II Education group, followed by a tortuous staff meeting (oh god......), followed by picking up the kiddos for my turn at custody... you see why I've been remiss, here.

Well, I must be a bigshot. I noticed my stat counter passed 20,000 by several hundred and I wasn't on top of it at all. Yeesh. It was just March when I hit 10,000 so people are stumbling on this site for some reason (which baffles me). I'll run a "free mixed disk" contest for the 50,000 screenshot which should happen with the first frost in hell.


panthergirl said...

Oooh....glad you appreciate a good DJ. ;)

Genuine said...

Anytime you need a hand with the DUI group let me know! I could be the demonstrative "Look what can happen to you" guy.

I don't drink and drive, I don't drink and do much of anything! Besides, I alwqays seem to have a designated driver in Mrs. G. A bonus for always being pregnant.

lu said...

Congrats on hitting the 20,000 mark...I'm not the least bit surprised that you get "hit on" so much. ; )

Mamacita said...

Me either.

Karen said...

Woohoo! Of course you're a big shot! Congrats on the 20,000!


vicki said...

A work weekend. Not surprised either on your stats. I told Jen last night I was amazed that I hit the 8000 mark yesterday; I think that's prbably 4,000 people googling "How to make dogs stop eating poo" (I never wrote about that but it did turn up in a google search...go figure) and 4,000 from Fishing Guy trying to make me feel good.
Have fun with the kiddos. Oh- and I loved your thoughtful comment last night- thanks!