Monday, May 23, 2005

MMMMmmmm, A Monday in Late May

Listening to: Soul Coughing, Ruby Vroom

Today was Marni's last day of pre-school (for this year, not sure if I'll put her in Summer session or some kind of camp), the last day to indulge in our little ritual.

OK, I confess that we'll just switch it up a bit, there's no reason to jettison the fun.

Basically, after dropping Marni off at pre-school, Lilly, Zeke, and I head to a coffee shop for Daddy's caffeine fix, organic chocolate milk and fruit scones for the kids. After covering the table with crumbs and getting me spun up on free-trade brew, we head to the park where daddy gets some reading done while the kids get to expend a bit of their limitless energy.

No need to write anymore... I'll let the images (crappy camera phone images, sorry) speak for themselves:
Creek next to the park.

Lilly & Zeke on a boulder.

Lilly send pigeons fleeing.

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vicki said...

Lovely photos, Jim. And more to the point, lovely children.