Monday, May 09, 2005

Adelphia High-Speed Internet, What?!? Adelphia Sucks, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks

Listening to: Benjamin Britten, War Requiem

While my DUI group watches a "Drinking & Driving is horrible, so don't do it" video, I'm posting from a pile of bile while a long and entertaining post sits waiting at home in a Word file on my PC's desktop. The reason being is that ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS and I was offline for a better part of the afternoon.

Let me qualify that. Some IT twit at Adelphia is unable to switch out the designated server that connects my area because, as we all know, most engineers are subject to rigid thought processes that prevent them from an iota of creativity and for that I'm forced to make a blanket statement like, ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS.

For more than a month, my internet has been going down everyday at roughly the same time of day. Every day, for more than a month. Back in early April, on the twentieth call to Adelphia Technical Support, a technician scheduled a visit to come out and replace my modem. An hour later, Adelphia called to say, um, well, it wasn't my modem after all but a problem on their end, no visit was required.

And so it has continued, day in, day out. It's a ritual, really, back up my work in anticipation of the network going down, wait for the flashing 'Cable' light on my modem, make the call when the light flashes, ad nauseum. Talk to a technician, wait for the ticket to get processed and some trained chimp to walk over to the designated server for my area, said chimp resets the server and Viola! Up and running for another 23-some hours until it goes down again. Get lathered, rinse, repeat.

Having done this for about 45 days, it's gotten to the point where I tell every technician my sorry story and they listen, sympathize, promise to pass this concern along and... well, you know where this is going. I've called billing and they've magnanimously not charged me for the service but really, I'd rather pay for the service and have it fucking work. Every day. I don't know how any engineer would feel OK about a network going down once a day. Maybe consistent mediocrity is the goal at Adelphia. Seems that way by all their commercials.

I'll go home tonight (and the network had better be back up, by god), post my "real post", read, write, plot ways to piss off the corporate nitwits at Adelphia. Damned bunch of slimy vermin.

Until someone gets their shit together enough to replace the broken down server designated to keep my cable internet running, I'll maintain that ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS, ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS, ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS, ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SUCKS!!!

I'm sincerely hoping a Google of "ADELPHIA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET" associates those terms with "SUCKS".


vicki said...

Adelphia sucks, but your choice of music today is great.

Lindsey D said...

I just read this today while googling "adelphia sucks", as it has done consistently the past 5 days where I live in upstate NY, although this is nothing new to me, your post describes exactly the same problem I've had with Adelphia in the past multiple times! Now they are apparently switching to Time Warner/Roadrunner and I can only hope that'll completely solve all issues. But during the switchover it's been the same old story with them, Internet won't work 80% of the day and they claim they are doing something, but due to the problems of Adelphia in the past I can picture someone sitting there playing Solitaire instead and just "uh-huhing" customers off the phone so they don't have to be bothered! UGH!