Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hump Day Dump Day

Listening to: Kate Bush, The Whole Story

My short week which means, X gets the wee ones four days and I get an extra day to rehabilitate the war zone that is this house.

Zeke was dropped off in his Superman shirt, day three of the shirt he refuses to take off. X scowled at me, "This shirt is filthy," she hissed.

He refuses to take it off, I told her, absolutely won't give it up. He insists he's Superman and if you take off his shirt, he'll lose his "powers". My delussional 29-month old son.


chip said...

sounds like it's time to invest in a couple more superman shirts! that way you can rotate them in and out. Of course then he might figure out that washing them takes away their powers; or as soon as you buy the other shirt, he's no longer superman but spiderman... My kids both had uncanny knacks for subverting my most well-thought out and clever ways around their quirks. Still do, come to think of it.

Karen said...

Kids are so funny, but then again... they grow up to be adults with "lucky shirts, shorts, socks" etc. LOL!

Have a great day, and I hope you enjoy your time off! *hugs*

pale ale said...

Chip done stole my comment.

I have a 3-year old friend in my life who has become very attached to certain articles of clothing too. And it simply driving her parents nutty.

You need to find out if one of those wholesale warehouse type stores sell superman shirts in bulk.

vicki said...

I like to remember the stuff that we chuckled about related to the kids when we were together was the same stuff we hissed over when apart. Also, it came to me one day that, just by virtue of being divorced, he wasn't bestowed with the knowledge to detangle long baby fine hair. But I still hissed at him for not trying. :-)

Dan had trouble making transitions. We couldn't get him in shorts at that age until August- he cried, "my yegs stick out!" And then he was wearing shorts until Christmas

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Yes, a bundle of Superman shirts is the obvious answer to this imbroglio and thank you one-and-all for giving me a clue.

Funny, neither of my daughters were that connected to any piece of clothing. Actually, they're both fashion hounds (especially Marni) and I reckon I wash an extra load of laundry every week due to their propensity to mix-and-match without putting the down votes back in the drawer.

Mamacita said...

Belle had a lacy ruffly petticoat she wore with everything, even on the outside of pants. Zappa had a superhero cape made from a dish towel.

As for me, well, some day I'll tell you about my bra named Lucky. I called it that because it was.

I wasn't always this old, you know.

Shhh, that's a secret, by the way.