Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Transmission fluid, please

Listening to: Louis Armstrong, 25 Greatest Hot Fives & Sevens

Please don't mind the smell and although the metal-on-metal noise of gears grinding is excrutiating, if I can stand it, you can. Sure, the lurching, halting, jerking motion can be a bit nauseating but the hope is that if I can get this thing to the nearest full-service station, all will be well.

The first monkey wrench tossed into all of this is the fact that my previously defunct political blog is now, um, funct. Considering that two of the last three posts were blatantly political, I decided I ought to return to my original forum for political rants - Everything You Know Is Wrong - and not sully this page with the flapping of my left wing.

This so-called "Daddy Blog" (although I hope it's much more than that) ought not deal with much more than the mundane. Not that I won't address an issue relevant to my children (like how not to be a worthless hypocrite and liar like Pat Robertson) but if I need to vent on the idiocy of Bush and his war, it won't happen here.

No spiritual awakening (like with The Zero Boss - glad he's back!) here, more like a psychic reallignment. Dealing with the kids in school, with this dreaded distance between my beloved and I (geographical distance, back off you vultures), my need for another job in order to make ends meet and get me closer to my beloved... it's been overwhelming.

suggested that I might be suffering from some depression, something that I should seriously look into. As a therapist, I'm my own worst client and shouldn't rely on my own assessment of myself. A trained third-party needs to be consulted and if there is a diagnosis that needs to be addressed, I should look into treatment.

Finally, I've been consumed with Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century and if I'm going to be distracted from writing here, Tuchman's book is well worth the diversion.

In conclusion: I'm glad I've posted this. If nothing else, it means I no longer have to look at this weasel's worthless visage when I click through links (it's been tough having to see this idiot when I scroll to my blogroll).


landismom said...

Welcome back to the daddy blogging! (not that I didn't enjoy your political ranting)

trusty getto said...

Ha! Daddy blogging, political blogging. As if the two can be separated!

Well I'll just march on over to your other blog, and read that one, then.

Do have the depression looked at. I'm of the view that my soon-to-be-ex wouldn't be my soon-to-be-ex if she had her depression looked at.

Babette said...

Physician, heal thyself with yoga!

Regarding your comment at Mamacita's place this morning: I have a daughter who was obsessed with the Linnean system as a tot. She learned Latin at a tender age so she could understand more. How did you survive public school? A future post, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

that's great news, I've missed your political blog, and absolutely love your rants! I'm heading right over now.

Hank said...

BARBARA TUCHMAN!!!! Wooot! Read 'em all. Even if they sound boring. You didn't know you cared about it until Babs tells you why you do.