Monday, November 17, 2008


As all of you have guessed, I have lost interest in this place and making updates a priority.

My new life and new family have shifted my perceptions so much, this blog seems largely irrelevant.

Which is cool because that's how life SHOULD be, it should not be a static bore. It's just that the journey I'm on now has made my presence here largely unimportant.

My love for my wife grows stronger each day. Her three kids and I are growing closer as I assume the role of "dad" for them. My own three are thriving, loving their life out in the country.

An idea for another blog has been kicking around for some time and I may get around to firing that up. The emphasis would change - this place was started as "A single, full-time dad figures it out" - and my new blog would be about blending a family, a large family, with some bits about small-town life and being a born-again mountain man (not that I'm "born-again" in the religious sense, apatheist me). I've been thinking about using the domain space we used for the wedding and dumping blogger, making it more personal.

I have to investigate some of the technical aspects: coming up with a design, integrating blogging, keeping the spammers to a minimum. If any of you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I really would love to start something completely new that reflects my new life. I'd love to see your emails or comments.

If I get the new place launched, I'll let you know here. I'll try and put up some updates until then (working for a small-town weekly doesn't keep me THAT busy) but I think I'm announcing the imminent demise of this place.

So... until then... please give me your input, suggestions, and help me out!