Sunday, January 20, 2008

Even with help of all the people hanging around, we'd never have gotten that ship out of there

Doh! Goddamn lazy kids, Americans, jackass tourists, titheads, what is this world coming to?

While I’m trying to figure out what needs to be said, I’ll do one of those “random 10” things, or at least random things, while we git this dun, heeyup, MBS bought me a Classic IPod for Christmas and I can finally play that game; if the list is heavy on the Nick Cave or Nellie McKay or shoe-gazing shit or what have you, forgive me, it’s a new iPod and I’m still tweaking the technology.

I’m Not – Panda Bear

I think the only problem westwards was Zeke walking in on nekkid girls, in Kingman, AZ, decent Murkun technology to help me, my last cigarette the day we left.

All 6, all on their way to the coast

Harmony in My Head - Buzzcocks

For those of you who've never smoked and imagine this as some small victory, fuck off, I'd have had your head as well

Darktown Strutter's Ball - Ella Fitzgerald

Perfect Kiss - New Order

"Where's my Perfect Kiss?" she asks

moments before being tossed onto the

Wichita Cathedral - Butthole Surfers

a City of Refuge - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Obviously, not more than child's play, hey,

heh, hrrrrrrr, hmmmmmm,

Ring Them Bells - Sufjan Stevens

or that freakin 3-dollar cotten-candy and faces hidden within....

Bodhi Sappy Weekend - Broken Social Scene
Those of us who waited decided that, afterwards, the ride wasn't nearly as good as the photo and all that...

Run Run Run - The Velvet Underground

Stop the World (And Let Me Off) - Patsy Cline

Bat You'll Fly - Animal Collective

It was fun and a long time ago, dumbo

So long, I can't remember why

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It was not just the whiteness of the whale's skin but what was written on it

My ass would say hello as well but it's waiting for the next frickin' foot of snow.

The cabin fever has almost passed; not completely – there are shards of me still grinning maniacally and reflecting moonlight – but the worst is over. Tomorrow promises more sun and no snow, the wee ones a full day in school, my love and I a day in Durango. Just in time, is all I have to say, the three-some feet of snow we had (and the resulting 20-hour power outage), the four days stranded inside and the eight of us wondering when the Donner Party would commence was enough to send even the most stable of us careering downhill aimed quite deliberately at the sturdiest pine. The White Noise was consuming bone and nail and thank the Gods for small favors that we’re not eating our shoes, or something.

Scarlett waves beneath her blanket because she's Image 0420, a ha, ha ha, ha ha, ah hell, hmmmm, whatever...

So yeah, I’m back here and all that, you know - THAT. Except I have 4 other people to write about now and the whole "Patriside" joke seems, well, a bit stale. The times they are indeed a'changin' or at least a wap-bap-a-loop-bap-a damn sight different. If anyone has an idea for a new blog title, by all means, give it up, I could use something besides a good smoke, don't ya' know.

And like any good smoke, save a ton for later.

So, aside from computer problems and, mainly, the logitics of moving myself and my kids here, the sky had to dump itself all over the place, massively, just to mess up my thing, this thing, why you're here reading and all that.

A whole heap o' reasons

It's all good?

Yes, all good...

To the ends of the Earth,

Through the labyrinth.